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Shenmue: Sorrowful memories.


30 Mar 2003
I was cleaning my HD and found this message. I usually save messages that I consider important, just to read them later. Unfortunately I couldn't find the original author.
My feelings about Shenmue are the same and I couldn't say it better:

"Simply, the letter was about my opinion on how wonderful Shenmue was/is. Trotting around the neighborhoods gave me a dreary feeling of happiness. I've long been in love with Japan's culture and unique perspective on life, which fueled my goal to learn the Japanese language. Well, I accomplished that and imported Shenmue when it first released. Perfect timing, I'd say. Anyhoodles, without ever having actually been in Japan, I felt at home while moving about that beautiful city.

For those that have a sense of sorrowed emotion... for whatever reason, can possibly understand when I say that... simply standing in the middle of a road in that residential district, taking in the sunset... really killed me inside. The faint sound of a dog barking, knowing it was from some other human's back yard. The sound of stepping on the stones and on the pavement and the grass... feeling everything around you, as it grew with life. The beautiful sky. All the tops of the houses, like a canopy of modern protection... guarding all those Japanese families as they did whatever they did, each day. The children... how I would just stand there and watch their repeated animations... wondering where they would be after growing up to Ryo's age at the time.

Most of my play time in Shenmue was spent absorbing the personality and splendor of that city, in 1986 Japan. Sure, think of me as strange... think of me as whatever you want. Sharing this feeling is what makes me content at the moment. I really felt to be a part of that place... and all the while... after waking up in the morning and looking around my room, I'd know I was surrounded by an entire country, sharing these same scenes. Love is beautiful and sorrowful. Shenmue is sorrowful and beautiful. '86 Japan.

Well, any... way... I'm moving to Yokohama, Japan in late September. I have the first few years planned out... but who can say what life will bring you and teach you. I'll never forget how Shenmue taught me to be grateful and happy for all that exists in people and small places that we hold close to our hearts. That's all I need... '86 Shenmue."

Shenmue was the first game that made me cry (no, I didn't cared much about Aerith in FF7) for no reason. Walking around the streets gave me that feeling of safety and peace. Playing this masterpiece was a treasure that I shall not regret.
I think that what affected me was that life seemed so simple for people in the game (except Ryo) it made me kinda jealous.

What about you? What are your feelings about Shenmue? Do you know any other game that makes you feel nostalgic as well? Share your comments here!
No game has made me feel so as home as Shenmue I share those same sentiments and to think I was only one in the year 86. How I wish I could be in japan a home away from home. The most realistic game ever how I miss it and maybe it will one day be finished
i definitely feel the same way - lets just hope that number 3 does come out! i'll need to buy an x-box by the looks of it. ive just started playin through shenmue 1 again. its just so damn good!!!
while i dont feel quite as stongly about it as you guys do, there is definatly something about that game. i need to get shenmue again, it got stolen along with the rest of my dreamcast games, save soul cailbur, which was in the console at the time.
i love the DC becuase its a really great system, it was way under rated. did you know that you dont have to have a special coding on the disc for it to play in there. so with the right codecs and the begining of the disc you can play digital movies files (.mpg .avi etc.) on it, all without having to open the thing up and mod it. can also play roms of game from other systems (super nintendo, genesis, NES and even neo geo) on it with the proper boot information.

Now there's a game I get misty eyed about. The wonderful ticking sound as you moved your paddle into the right spot to connect. The white streak across the screen as the ball winged it's way to the other side. The awsum speed needed to spin the wheel to bring your paddle into place and outwit your opponent. AWWW, memories!!

Hey, if you're going to Kanagawa you'll have to visit the real Yokosuka! Take some pictures and tell us how accurate the game was...
Yes, you can play movies on dreamcast using GypPlay. Its a great tool.

Shenmue is one of my favorite games every. That and Ocarina and Time are tied for #1!
Yeah, I also felt like there was something more to Shenmue than just a game. Maybe it was as you said, the chance to be in Japan without ever setting foot on its soil. The chance to look in on the everyday lives of people, that while coded routines, made you believe they were real.

I don't know. I've been infatuated with Japan since as long as I can remember. Maybe its from my grandfather being in the Pacific in WWII, who knows. But when I finally got there last year, my life hasn't ever been the same since coming back. Sometimes, if Yasei No Energy from B'z comes on, I get a bit of a longing to go back to what I feel is in some strange way, my ultimate home.

Ah, I'm talking crazy now.

I feel that shenmue on the DC was the best game ever. I loved just walking down the streets listeng to the sounds being able too see what 1985 japan kinda looked like. it also had amazing graphics especially for the DC it was just as good as Shenmue 2 for the xbox just that the xbox can have more ppl and thing goin on at the same time :p but shenmue is a compleate classic in my opinion
I tottaly agree, with all. It was one of the first things that really triggered my interested in Japan. Was an un-believebale game, been in Japan. Shenmue 1 and Shenmue wer truly class, but shenmue 1 was just incredible !.
This series of games(Two) are the best I enjoyed I must say.
The fact you can walk around japan and then china in the second is fun in itself.
I love the fighting and the learning of skills in the game.
I recently got Shenmue II for the XBox(beat the first one) and i'm enjoying it even more than the first.
It is truely a game I must say I enjoy sitting down for a few hours playing.
Its a shame that Shenmue 3 is shelfed for about ever. If it comes out it wont be out till a couple of years from now =(
Knives said:
i never heard of shenmue 3.. is it in development or somthing????

Well shenmue is set to continue, but they is no news on shenmue 3 coming out. The story is not yet finished !
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