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shenmue 2


16 Mar 2002
Have you played this game. It's for X-Box in the USA and I think Play-Station in Japan. What do you think about the game. Which character do you like?
I have played this game on the xbox and it's pretty cool.

But I don't really understand the COLLECTION part of the game.
I notice this is a common part of many Japanese games. Can anyone enlighten me?

I heard about this rumor that said it was coming out for the GameCube, too. is there any truth behind that? I've played the first game, and personally i loved it, so I wanted to get the 2nd one. but then I heard it was only for the xbox and I was like "nooooo!" lol
)= Grr that! I really liked that game too... but i'm not gonna buy an xbox to play one game! oh well, thanx for the info though! ^_^
Sega only released Shenmue 2 to Xbox and Dreamcast. Remember that Microsoft financed its conversion to X and also its marketing campaign, Sega is not on the mood (read: doesn't have funds) to convert it to the other platforms.
Yes shenmue 2 is excellent =d so is the 1st one, shenmue 2 only came out on the xbox and dreamcast, and the upcoming shenmue 3 will be coming out on xbox ! cant wait =D
it was only 1000 en in asobit city and i didn't buy it! ahhhhhh
it will surely be gone when [edit: if] i get back :( :(
i adore shenmue 1 and 2!! i havent got an x-box though but i might get one just for shenmue 3. i wanna play jet set radio future aswell which is also x-box only. ive just started playin shenmue 2 all over again for the fourth time. its addictive! i love the darts mini-game
Any tips Jon? I can'tseem to make any money. I don't understand the collection bit. Plus I get bogged down taking photos of Joy's butt. :eek:
ha ha, joy certainly is fine, as far as computer game characters go!

as far as making money -

a guareneteed $60 everytime you do some work at the dock carrying crates
the Lucky Hit stands - ask the people at the stands about part time work and some of them ask if you want to look after the stand. then you play locals at the game and if you win money you get what you earn - not very reliable, half the time you dont win anythin, but its a fun game!

the collection thing is just the toys that you have won or bought. you can sell these at the pawn shops.

off the top of my head thats all the ways you can get money.

oh yeah! gambling. (dont do it kids!) unreliable (duh!) and you'll probably lose money, but if you win you can win big

good luck :)
well, i went back and it was still there! ain't that something
took them a while to get it out from the back -- the trays at the front
hey, asobit city selling phones on the front now!
I love this game soo much. But I'm mad they might not finish the series. It's a great game how it's sort of like a real life living it day by day. But I hate xbox since it wants to make games xclusive. Shenmue was supposed to come out on PS2. I hope they finish the series but on the playstation its such a great game they just cant leave us hanging.
i don't know how i feel about that. i am still unhappy that vf4 didn't come out for dreamcast, but it came out for ps2
looks at passport discs...
If you want to play Shenmue 2 on DC, get the EUROPEAN version, it has English subtitles!

Of course, your DC will need a mod chip to be able to play it, but if you have a good import game shop near your house, you should be able to pick up a used modded DC and used copy of Shenmue 2 for cheap.
Originally posted by nocturnal
The DC ver. of Shenmue 2 was only a Japan release right?

No.European also.

Another way to play imported games is the boot disk named Dc-X,I dunno if it was only in europe for sale.
Shenmue was one of the best realistic movie motion with gratifying story line game i have ever played,and is it truth that part 3 is coming soon??cant wait!
BluE Says:

Yeah, this game was awesome. I was gonna say something but then I thought it might spoil the game for some people that haven't finished it yet.
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