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Sharing my house


23 Jan 2004
Hi there!

I live in Barcelona, Spain, and I'm really interested in sharing my house with japanese tourists, and I don't care if female or male. I'm searching some webpage or organization who manages it seriously.

If you know about that tell me please.

Thank you very much

They have a place on there where you can list that you have room available for people to stay. It's kind of like a newspaper ad.
Hay, I visited Barcelona, beautiful place. Still, I was actually staying in Estepona. The following year I stayed in costa del sol, but the most beautiful place I have seen has to be I think it was called "porta banus" (spell) absolutely amazing, yauchts ect at the port, aaahhhh!!! and I know that all of these places are easily accessed by bus from Barcelona, If you do go ahead and share your home, let me know as I need a holiday, lolol

Hi again!

Thank you jeisan, I'll try it tomorrow. I should go to sleep now, it's late here, jejeje.

And Deborah, I don't really recognize that name "porta banus", but I'll think about it. If you come back here you should go to "La Costa Brava", it's very nice. If you want to come here you onle have to say it :)

Thank you both.
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