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Shanghai World Financial Center


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14 Mar 2002
Megalomania sinaica. :D

Shanghai revives plans for world's tallest building

The original blueprint called for a height of 1,518 feet, topping the current record holder--Malaysia's 1,483-foot Petronas Twin Towers.

Tokyo-based Mori Building Co. said it has changed the planned height, though the company and the city government refused to disclose the new goal until an official ribbon-cutting ceremony Feb. 13. The attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center raised doubts about the future of super-tall buildings. Experts said concerns about terrorism are a low priority in Shanghai, which is eager to become a business center to rival New York City or Tokyo.

Of greater local concern has been the new skyscraper's signature feature--an enormous round hole through the building near its pinnacle.

A few in Shanghai said the hole resembled the rising sun flag of the building's Japanese developer, raising the still raw issue of Japan's World War II occupation. The city and Mori refused to discuss the criticisms.

=> http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/cst-nws-tall01.html


World's tallest building at 94 stories

=> http://www.mori.co.jp/forest/world/top-e.html

Shanghai World Financial Center

=> http://www.kpf.com/Projects/mori.htm

Shanghai World Financial Center back on track

=> http://www.skyscrapers.com/english/nc/ne/?id=100307


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Hehehe... Now those evil Coca Cola People will never dare to invade China with their 6,000 feet bottles. :D
Inspiration or just another "bottle-opener"? :D

Kingdom Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (height: 302 meters, completed 2002)


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Do you think a plane could pass through that hole ? They should organise F-16 shows making figures in and round the building. :D
Hm, considering the height of the building the gap must be at least 70-80 meters wide, that's enough for a Boeing 767.

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