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Shadow of the colossus the ending/Game endings


9 Sep 2006
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OK OK i admit i watched the end on youtube coz i couldn't beat the last colossus BUT i have a good excuse the camera was to awful for me the way it spun gave me a head ache and nosia anywho enougth of that

I wanna talk about this beutiful games Cr*appy ending i heard it was a prequil to ICO but what was the dear and the girl does she turn into the ice queen

I was glad to see Agro made it but they got stuck there and if its the same castle as ICO why doesn't it look the same

Why do they insist on leting you fight through a whole game just to let the guy you have worked so hard to help DIE or get turned into a monster then a baby its like killing CLOUD they could have at least given you a secret good ending

Another terrible ending was MGS2 how could Raiden *a total waist of voice actor Quintin Flynn* go off with a pregnant computer genarated person

I don't know answers on a post card please


23 Nov 2006
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Hey i don´t see the final of shadow of colossus yet (and i don´t want to see it:D) but you are right the final of MGS2 ist a waste of time, but the game have a great history :)


Bleed for ME!!
23 Feb 2007
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well the endin sux but at the same time I really liked it cz it made me feel really sad for a moment but yeah I dont like that stuff about bein a prequel to ICO ...SotC was a real good game but pretty small..and it would have been more fun if the game had Multiple endings and a deeper storyline..but yeah whateva!! it was a ok game cz the grafix ruled! >.<
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