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Sex as weapon


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14 Mar 2002
Know your rights when sex goes horribly wrong

Extramarital affairs are an almost culturally accepted part of life in Japan, though few of those involved in them realize that a fling can be a potentially dangerous pursuit if it's brought before the courts.

[...] Huge numbers of Japanese couples are also caught up in sexless relationships, which can be cause for litigation.

Sex on interim order? :)

In a world growing ever-aware of women's rights, malicious types have turned this sympathy to their advantage and made false claims against men using sex as a weapon. Prime among these have been the myriad schoolgirls who've falsely accused men of train molesting -- a crime authorities are taking an increasingly harsh stand against. But there's bad news for those falsely accused of train groping.

=> http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/waiwai/0212/021229rights.html
The difference between most Western countries and Japan is that Westerners would divorce or abstain if they were caught in a sexless relationship, while Japanese stay married and have extramarital affairs.

Another significant difference is that fewer and fewer people in North and Western Europe (at least) are getting married, even when they have children. A report in the Economist showed that nearly 80% of Swedish couples with children were not married. 50% of English parents are. The highest rates of married parents were found in Mediterranean countries, though not even near from 90% (Italy has something like 75% if I remember well).

@false accusation
Two groups of the Japanese society have power : the men over 50 and the young women/girls. They are the one with money, but also the most confident individuals.
Girls and women under 30 are increasingly stronger and more confident than boys. They are the ones enjoying themselves, travelling, shopping, learning foreign languages... while lots of boys or young men tend to be shy, reserved and obedient.
Men over 50 (till about 70) have the power in companies, as the seniority system keeps youngsters at the bottom of the scale as obedient menials (the word is maybe a bit strong).
It's no wonder that both groups (old men and young girls) should "interact" so eagerly, as the former has the money the latter want. So the former enjoys himself with the latter in order to fulfill her needs (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, travel abroad, cooking lessons, etc.).

To change this, several things must be changed. First of all, the seniority system that keeps oyaji in position of power, that they will in any case use to seduce young girls they crave for.

Secondly, the rigid traditional mariage. Old men wouldn't look for teengage girls if they were satisfied sexually. Japanese tend to believe that love after 20 (even 10) years of marriage is near impossible. In addition, Japanese women are said to neglect completely their husbands once they have had their firsy child (in order to give all their full attention, care and love to their offspring).

Then, there is the crave for brands, that is a typically East-Asian syndrom (Koreans and Chinese are as much brand-victims as Japanese).

As all this lies so deeply in the Japanese culture, I doubt there are any chances to change the current situation without developping other sexual perversities. Thomas, you mentioned that girls under 18 or 20 could be forbidden to buy brands. I don't now if you were serious, but what else can be done ? I don't know how they would implement this without causing a revolution or prompting a more vicious situtation still : girls asking exclusively older men (that have money, that is over 40 or 50) to buy them the bags and clothes that make them lose their mind.

If old men are banned to have sex with girls under 18 or 20, it is very possible that more will just take a plane to another Asian country at the weekend. They already have cheap weekend package to Korea or China under 25000yen. I don't think they'd look for girls over 25, because they want fresh flesh in school uniform that reminds them of their (frustrated/unsatisfied) youth. As the Japanese say, a girl is like a Christmas cake, after 25 it's not worth anyhting.
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