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19 Mar 2002
Hi, newbie. :)

A few questions about anime:

1. Are there still anime made now which last more than 30 episodes? Almost everything we hear about right now are less than 30 eps!

2. Why is the animation quality decreasing, at least in my opinion? Less detail in general, especially when anime companies shifted to CG.

3. The big companies (Sony and Pioneer, for example) aren't paying as much attention to their animation section as previously, are they?

That's all, and thanks for indulging an anime fan!

EK 8 )
hmmm, haven't really noticed any changes that were for the worse over here.

30 eps. Probably is related more to Japanese TV and viewer preference than anything else. Japanese fashion comes and goes with the seasons it seems and so do anime. However, if the pilot series survies, like any program more will be created.
I'm not quite sure, but Gensomaden Saiyuki is a new series, and didn't it reach ep 50?
But generally speaking, yep, those are almost nothing compared to Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball and others, yet, I think it's better this way, since you don't get the feeling that every episode is a rip-off of the previous one... (Don't take me wrong here, I got into anime with Sailor Moon and I don't think I'll ever stop liking it -first love kinda thing- )
I have noticed that the quality is a little different. but not by too much... or it might just be my d/l qual (haha)

About the 30+ episodes... it's nice to have a series that actually goes along and has an end. I mean... it's great having 234712935719537 tapes of Sailor Moon
... but I'd just want Stars since the other seasons seem to be carbon copies. :p

When an anime has the main story and moves along like a soap opera, it's nice. But just like... comedy show that is different and unchanging every time... well I'd just get that with simpsons or sum thin? Lol, New and original ideas are what sell, at least that is what I would assume.

Miss PuccA~
That brings up an interesting thing about unending anime that has always bothered me (especially dragonball z). The characters always come up against these sooper dooper bad guys that they can hardly conquer, find some hidden power within themselves, destroy the bad guy, run into a new sooper dooper bad guy that is even sooperer than the last one and this time the special hidden power doesn't work against them and so the good guys have to dig deep and find an even more deeply hidden power within themselves that is even greater than the first one and they beat the sooper dooper bad guy that was even sooperer than the last one and then they run into an even sooperer dooperer bad guy and the cycle repeats, and reapeats, and reapeats, and pretty soon you have these little specks of heros hurling energies equivalent to that wich created the universe and brushing off entire galaxys left and right in a fight against a sooperduperultramegagigakilohitlerwowyzowysatanbazilliodinosaursarecooliliketokickpuppyshumuhumumukumukuapuahahahramalamadingdong bad guy that is crushing entire civilizations with each step...and at some point, don't you just step back and say, hey, guys, thats just a little over the top?

okay, okay, I'm fine, just had to get that out. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy some nice DBZ from time to time, but isn't there a point where you just need to move on, start over with new characters that can't even attack without making phisical contact of some sort?
two words :: marvel / DC

haha, Dragon Ball basically is like that the whole way through. I guess that's why the series ended.
Haha, Luxpyre, couldn't stop laughing!

My wife, my most trusted source of information, once told me that the creator of DBZ, Akira Toriyama, was very reluctant to continue to series, but publishers pushed him due to its (commercial) success. They squeezed it out like a lemon.
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