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servier noise pollution!!!!111


1 Sep 2003
There are no elections in this area right now so things are quiet. Anyway .. Election time ... I really hate election time in Japan with a passion. The first thing that always gets me is the speaker trucks crammed full of ladys with huge,artificial, smiles waving out the window. The volume of the speakers is way way over the legal sound output limit of 109db but they get away with it. I wouldn't mind so much if the announcements being made were of some co-herancy , i mean what sense does "NAME HERE ganbare ganbare ganbare ganbare ganbare ganbare NAME HERE ganbare ganbare ganbare" make?

Then theres the ultimate ... The noise pollution outposts. Last year my local 7-11 which was situated directly across the road from my house moved out. This was dissapointment enough but NO the government decided it WASN'T enough and stationed an electee there with his 5000wt annoucement system and the obligatory gang of smiling ladys. For around 6 hours per day for the next week or so I was to hear the word "ganbare" thousands of times at a window shaking volume. All this is pointless if you ask me, when I vote I always choose the female ( if there is one ) or the youngest guy if there isn't. Fed up of sexist 70+ year olds running the area.


Right this very minuet it's going on. in the temple next to my house. The children are singing some sort of song. I use the word "singing" losely.. It's more like screaming random notes at the top of thier voice. Tone deaf if ever i heard it. If they can't sing DON'T make em do it in public. My dog howels more co-herant songs. It's not cute , it's noisey.

What other pointless noise pollution producers have you guys experianced?
wow If you say something positive about Japan I'll probably faint. :D

In the beginning I too got annoyed at the loud music the local ramen / vege/ tofu truck made - but then I bought a yummy loaf of bread from the bakery truck - it had swirls of licorish (sp) through it and was incredibly YUMMYY!!! (plus all the bread was homemade and healthy )
so now I don't mind them so much ;)
something positive about japan ... Hmmm let me think ... well theres things like toyota supras I suppose , those are great and anyone who drives one is a self made king of the road. Oh and I love japanese filled bread like curry pan.
thanks for trying to think of something positive (but curry and cars? common there are heaps of other things!)

Just curious- how does your wife feel about you generally being so negative about Japan?
I think there are a lot of positive things about Japan, but I'm with salaryman on this one. I can't stand the noise pollution here.

My old apartment was located right next to the community loudspeaker. On my first sunday morning after moving there, at about 7AM I was awakened by an ear splitting ding-dong-ding sound and then a 2 minute announcement about a funeral that was being held. It was so loud I actually panicked for a second because I thought someone had broken into my apartment and was yelling at me through a megaphone next to my head! Every sunday for the two years I lived there I had to put up with that, it was insane!

I hate the politicians with their speaker cars too. I used to teach English at a school near the station, and during the election time I had to yell to be heard by my students above the meaningless drivel these jackasses were shouting at the top of their lungs to nobody in particular. No wonder nobody likes politicians!
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