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Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Our server move has been accomplished much faster than anticipated, giving the admin a chance to finally catch some sleep.

Thanks for your patience!

If you happen to stumble across missing files, errors or other unpleasant things please notify me... tomorrow.

Forums feel much faster for me!

Did you get on a faster machine or one that is less crowded?
Both actually. Never before my Links directory had been rebuilt faster.

I still have some issues on japanref.com (Suexec, wget), that's why I'm not that active on the board today, gomen.

*runs to get another cup of coffee
I have to agree with moyashi...this is MUCH faster.

I am at work with T-1 lines and can notice a difference, at home too with just a dial up
I hope the good performance lasts for a while. The next step will be a VPS (Virtual Private Server) - once I can afford it.
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