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*Serious Topic* Karoshi (過労死)

Do you feel happier working in Japan compared to your origin country?

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林 ダレン

5 Nov 2017
こにちは皆さん! ダレンです よろしくお願いします!

Hello, everyone, I'm Darren. Just to share a little bit of myself, I'm a Singaporean and currently 21 years old.
I'm now working in a local bank as a contract worker and also doing a part-time degree in an Australian university. Last year during National Service "Compulsory for all man in Singapore to serve the army :( " I've studied a year of Japanese in a class and completed (probably just N5?). Its always been my dream to work and live in Japan since young therefore I'm currently working very hard to work towards it.

Okay lets us get back to our topic about Karoshi. May I seek all of your assistance who are working in Japan to discuss the condition of working environment in Japan and does Karoshi exist in only Japanese firm or even MNC (Multi-National Corporation) has such practices?

Thank you for reading this and hope to receive replies from you guys soon !

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