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Serial Experiments Lain


12 Oct 2003
Does anyone else out there know/seen/bought this series? If you have no clue, Let's just say all episodes are intertwined about Lain, the 12-year-old schoolgirl who seems to be omnipresent on The Wired (AKA The Internet) and how she enters conflict with reality, because "the line between the two (reality and wired) isn't so clear"
He... well, it is confusing...missing one ep throughs everything off. Plus, it has psychotic things, like the fact that God exists, yet Masami Eiri is merely an act god. Don't ask for a description, just watch it on TechTV (if they stll have it) or buy the entire season for $26.99 on discountanimedvd.com
hey, i'm in the midst of watching it. stopped at ep. 6... i really don't understand anything... it's really bizzare.... =.="
Yeah, i've also seen it too.... it's got a dark storyline to it, and a bit boring too..... However, the idea for Lain is pretty original back then; I can draw so much similarities of newer anime to it.... (like .Hack sign, etc etc)....
Bizarre indeed... Just wait until you've seen it all, it get's really complicated. I took me 3 times to watch the entire series again and again before I understood it all...So go ahead and ask if you want 😄
i liked lain alot. i get the impression that people either love it or hate it, there isnt much a middle ground.
well, what makes me mad is every time I watch something for the first time on tv, ialways see episodes around the end. I saw the last 4 eps for Lain, and when I first saw cowboy bebop, I saw sessions 24 and 25, but never saw the finale, 26 :p
Ho ho, watching Lain from ep 4? that's gonna blow ur mind! lol....

and yeah, i also prefer to get the whole anime series before watching it too...
I bought the 3-disc set on a friend's recommendation.
Like the Noir series, it starts out so damn slow I was wondring whether I should take the time to watch the whole thing. But after the first few episodes, it's becomes quite good.
well don't watch eoe for sure then :)
yah, i bought lain back on sub vhs
haven't watched it in a while, hmm
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