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Serching for Daisuke and Junko Takahashi - Kitakami City


7 Mar 2004
I'm looking for my penpal Daisuke from Kitakami City, Iwate. We have been writing for almost 20 years, we have shared 20 years of life and friendship through letters and photos.
In 1997 he married Junko. I have their wedding and honeymoon photos on the wall of my bedroom, near to the photos of my favourite memories. On 10th august 1999 was born thier first child, Mai.
It is almost two years that I have no news from them, noone answered to my letters and postcards. Daisuke never forgot before to send a Birthday card or his Christmas greetings, I'm really worry. I fear something grave may be occurred. I only whish to know if they are well.
If someone know them and could help me have some news, I would really appreciate a lot.
Thank you in advance.
ohayougozaru said:
daisuke takahashi is listed in the phonebook of kitakami-shi, iwate-ken, so guess....

Thank you, but I live in Italy and I can't access the phonebook of kitakami-shi, iwate-ken...
Please, let me know if you have a link to suggest me.
Thanks again
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