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Sento photos.


4 Oct 2002
I am looking for photos related to sento, the japanese public bath. I would really appreciate it if you had some spare time, a digital camera and are willing to help. This is for the small university project I am working on and also for personal use. The reason is that I just love sento and want to have some up to date pictures of it. The latter bit may sound a bit worrying, but there you go!

Anyway. Basically any sento related photo material is nice, but pictures of these would be really cool!
  • sento buildings from outside
  • old style sento from outside
  • new style sento from outside
If you have a friend who could help, but not a member of this forum, please ask them. Anybody here a sento 'hardcore'?! PM me!

I've been just too busy to go or else I would.

Right now, there is like a recreation of sento's and onsen's going on.

I'm sure if you look in resort based sites something should easily come up.

Sento's as in the old way are slowly loosing popularity to newer more up-to-date onsen-sento types. With water being recirculated and filtered rather than fresh well based water.

hmm, anyway good luck and sorry for not being more helpful.
In Koganei, Tokyo there's a wonderful open air museum that's part of the Tokyo-Edo Museum. They also exhibit a traditional sento that has been in use until the early 90s. I took a few pics, but need to scan them first (our scanner is in another apartment, so pls give me a few days to post the pics).
The project is due for publication next year, so there's plenty of time really! Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just uploaded three pics of the "Kodakara-yu" sento exhibited at the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

=> http://gallery.japanreference.com/showphoto.php?photo=172
=> http://gallery.japanreference.com/showphoto.php?photo=171
=> http://gallery.japanreference.com/showphoto.php?photo=170

Here's what the guide mentions:

"One of the old Tokyo's most famous public bath houses whose exquisite design boasts oversized Tang gables (karahafu, evocative of shrines and temples), sculptures of the Seven Deities of Good Luck above the entranceway and coffered ceiling in the changing room."

The original location was 3-chome Senjumotomachi, Adachi-ku, and it had been erected in 1929.
Who's the girl in sento1? hmmm ... I'm beginning to see a real theme here in Thomas's pictures.

It's called selective vision, requiring long years of training, lol.

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