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Sending a mail from UK to Japanese mobile phone


26 Mar 2004
Hi All,

I am in the UK and trying to send an email to my girlfriends mobile phone in Japan. She says she can't read the content.

Do I need to include basic html tags in order for her to read the content?

Any advice on this matter would be great!!


That sometimes depends on the email itself. I've had similar problems sending mails from my Yahoo (UK) account to a Japanese mobile phone. Most can read them, but some can't (don't know why). Anyway, make sure you have disabled the "rich text". If it still doesn't work, try from another email address or sign up on Yahoo Japan or other Japanese email.
Send as plain text, sending with signatures or html tags is not always good

I find replying to an email sent to me works better than writing a new email to the person
Plain text is the only way that J-phones can read emails. My Fiance and i send phone mails all day when we're in work with no problems. Try this, if you have a WAP or GPRS enabled phone go into the email settings and send a mail from there.
Ie I have an O2 phone, so if i go into the O2 WAP/GPRS homepage i can access O2mail. So if i write an email from there and send it as text only without attatchments significant other can read 'em no problem. We've been sending keetai meeru for months 😄 :giggle:

Same thing goes for a yahoo mail or anyother mail. plain text only and no smilies etc! Hope this helps.
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