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Question Sendagaya Japanese Institute...to good to be true?


4 Dec 2016
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I was wondering if anyone here has been to this school personally and can verify if it's legit or not. You see the reason I'm so skeptical is because they offer an intensive course (everday course) that I'm interested in taking but the cost of it is surprisingly low compared to other intensive language course I've seen, especially for it to be in Tokyo. The duration of the course is 10 weeks, about 200 hours worth of classes and only cost 190,000 yen (1717.60 usd). Also there are barely any reviews about to school online.

Sendagaya Japanese language school|A variety of courses available to study Japanese in Japan

Mike Cash

15 Mar 2002
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If I had to GUESS....and it is purely a guess...

It might be that the teachers are paying students of their school that charges over half a million yen to train them to be Japanese teachers.


Or it may (also) be that some undisclosed proportion of their teachers are not native speakers. (Says so right on their site).

I also suspect that their teachers' credentials have come from having completed their own course at their own school, rather than being certification from a recognized third-party. Write to them and ask them what the name of the teachers' certifications is in Japanese and the issuing body's name.

I would be sceptical as well. It looks like they're renting space and charging both teachers and students to be there. Or at least there is reason to suspect it, anyway.

This guy shouldn't gripe the teachers don't speak English because they make it clear up front they don't.

But he raises a good point in that you have to consider many of the "students" at these places aren't in Japan to learn Japanese at a Japanese school. They're at a Japanese school strictly as a ruse so they can come here and work. The schools know they don't care about learning and don't worry too much about teaching them. The students only show up for the class because Immigration sometimes checks attendance records.


Speaking just for myself, I wouldn't pay a damned nickel to go to any of the dubious Japanese schools in Japan. But if I ever were to consider attending a Japanese language school here, the only one I would look at is Yamasa Institute in Okazaki.

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