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sen to chihiro


25 Mar 2003
Has any one seen "Sen to Chihiro' (Spirited away)? I saw it 3 times and My partner saw it too. It was fantastic. Tell me your opinion.
i liked that movie alot, saw it on its 1st run around theaters, and will prolly do so again next time around.
Living in Blighty I'm forced to have to wait for the DVD release. While it's great news that the film has won an Oscar, the downside is the suits at Disney may be putting the American DVD release back until the movie has finished it's second, extended thetrical release. Damn them and their cucumbers! I would get the Japanese DVD, but I'm put off by both the infamous red tint and the astronomical price. Who'd be a British Miyazaki fan?

That said, I think it is slated in for a European Region 2 release . . . somewhen.
seen the video a friend from japan sent me taken off a tv showing of the movie.....fairly interesting with all the characters....glad it won the oscars...too bad disney is still playing hardball to keep it off the screens in the US, tho... :(

disney corp is now run by idiots.... :D
Spirited Away was a great movie! i just saw the re-release in the theatre last night! the story was great, the animation was incredible, i loved it. i really liked those flowers, wow... and i can still see the part at the very beginning where Haku blows the stuff from his hand into the air... it deserved the Oscar.
I liked the movie although I didn't like the ending much.
The movie reminded me of a Japanese old religious story that thousands of gods live in Japan and once a year they get together to have a meeting in Izumo. I thought the public bath in the movie was for gods who came to the meeting or something...
OH MY GAWD.... I loves gthat movie soooo much!!! I watch it everyday... it was soo friggin amazing.... I love the whole plot to it, and it made me depressed when it ends because it was the most innocent love story I have ever heard about...
Spirited Away is the best anime movie ever:D FOR ME!! It's really cute and I like the story. The drawings are amazing!
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