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3 Apr 2003

Okay ... my parents won't let me sell anything on Ebay or Yahoo Auctions .. so what kind of options do I have left? I have to sell to people here at home or find people online. The problem is, I know no one here wants to buy anything. I really need to try earning some money so I can go to Japan next summer.

There are things I could get rid of because they are just sitting there collecting dust. I have some Japanese version of games for the PS .. actually, just two games. I have CCS and Houshin Engi. And I could sell some videos and I have an Ah! Megami-sama wall scroll that is just sitting under my bed. I have other things I could sell but I'm not sure which ones yet. If there is anyone interested or if you know where it is possible to sell these types of things, please let me know!

Sankyuu~ !

Some options you can try are:

Starting up your own website of all the items you're trying to sell, and get it advertised like crazy.

Find someone that is a trusting enough middleman dealer for your products, though that might cost you to pay some of the share to the dealer.

I've come across a few anime store sites that bought used products, but never saw any actual activity.

Good luck.
You could always look for anime-related forums or discussion groups of some kind that offer a buy/sell/trade forum. I'm sure you're bound to find a buyer for your things if you name the right price. On my Sega forum, trading/selling activity has been doing very, very well; with all parties (myself included!) feeling extremely satisfied!! :)

Um .. lets see. The ones I'm willing to sell are:

Evangelion 0:8 VHS ( English )
Key: The Metal Idol No. 6 VHS ( English )
Super Atragon Vol.1 VHS ( English )
El Hazard OVA VHS ( The last episodes ) ( English )
Chobits Vol. 1 DVD ( Raw - Bought in Japan )
Blue Submarine No.6 VHS ( English- never opened )
You're Under Arrest Movie VHS ( Fansubbed )

I think that's it .. all my other videos are fansubbed and I love them all. -_- I know that a lot of them are in English because I baught them a long time ago and they were cheaper. I'm selling my Sailor Moon videos too but who wants to buy those dubbed ones? XD

If anyone else is interested, I might sell some Anime CD's, but they're not originally from Japan and some might not be in great conditions? I dunno. Also, some old issues of Mixx Zines and 2 Japanese games. There might be other things .. who knows. XD

Sankyuu. ^_^
will the chobits play on an american dvd player and how much if it does?

unless your sailor moon videos are PAL format i cant help ya, sorry
Well, I think the Chobits DVD plays depending on your DVD player. I know it works for sure on a computer's DVD player because it'll ask you to change the region. But um .. I never really thought about a price. -.-' That thing was soooo expensive and I've only watched it once ... -_______-;;;; It's the first addition with the box and everything .. but I'm keeping the stationary thingy .. it's too girly. :p But maybe 25 dollars? I dunno. What do you suggest? ^_^


I dunno the shipping so I would have to find out. ^_^ !! Do you want the box that it came with?

yuh everything that came with it that ya still have, besides that stationary set thing that you wanna keep :)
:) :)

Okay~ I don't know how much it'll cost to ship it with the box so give me a maximum of 5 dollars for the shipping. If it's less, then I'll gladly return the extra money to you. E-mail me your address and I'll send it A.S.A.P. ~ [email protected]. Arigatou ~ ^__^

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