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Self study textbook recommendations


9 Nov 2011
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11 years ago, I was an exchange student in Japan. I stayed for 1 year and basically just studied Japanese for that year. It's been a while, so needless to say I've forgotten a little but I'm going back to Japan for 3 months to study once again.

I'll be staying at a friend's home and mostly doing self study so I'd like to focus on Japanese grammar this time around. I can still communicate decently but I think my sentence structure could use some work. Japanese people are usually too polite to correct my odd Japanese.

I passed JPTL levels 4 and 3 and was working on JPTL level 2, 11 years ago, to give you an idea. I haven't totally forgotten but I'm probably in the upper beginner/lower novice level now.

Does anyone have some good recommendations for Japanese sentence structure/grammar textbooks?

I appreciate your recommendations.


17 Jul 2007
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Genki textbooks get a lot of positive reviews, although I've never used them. If you're a bit more advanced you could try the Kanzen Master series for grammar. I used levels 2 and 1 while I was in Japan and they are pretty good with lots of examples for each grammar point. They are a bit more advanced, however since the books are entirely in Japanese. I can only find level 2 on amazon but you can do without level 1; a lot of it is grammar you won't encounter too often on a daily basis. As far as I know the level 2 book is designed for the JLPT2 test.
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