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5 Sep 2019
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I'm fairly new in study Japanese, it fascinate me to no end, I have also dear friends in Japan.

I "tasted" various kind of self study materials in an "exploratory way" mostly online. I'm a beginner but I'm not just started to learn the language.
By talking with my friend there I discovered most of the textbook around for self study teach you mostly the polite form of Japanese and while it is useful my friend told me is only half of what is needed, so much he told me it would be better if I learn both plain and polite forms together.

So my question is, there is a textbook with audio/video media and a lot of exercises (I need both exercise and audio to learn) who focus both on plain and polite forms of language at the same time. I don't need advanced keigo at my beginner level.

I need some learning material who integrate audio(and or video), exercises and textbook, who focus both on plain "confidential" everyday Japanese and polite forms.
If also have a way to teach the pitch accent on words is all the better.
I'll add for me Anki-methods for study kanji didn't works too well so I also need other ways to tackle that.
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