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13 Jul 2002

Since people were discussing older J-Pop selections, I wanted to mention an interesting series of CDs. The "Seishunka nenkan" is a series of 21 2-CD sets co-produced by four record companies:

- Columbia Japan
- Toshiba EMI (?)
- Sony Music Entertainment
- Pony Canyon

Each 2-CD set focuses on one year between 1970 and 1990. They are by no means complete sets, but they're fairly representative of the popular music of the year. As an example, the 1972 set contains 11 songs which were performed at that year's Kohaku Utagassen and 8 songs which earned awards at that year's Nihon Record Taisho (including the Grand Prix winning song). Needless to say, many of these are also Oricon #1 songs as well...

They're also reasonably priced (about $23 per 2-CD set at CD Japan), so they're definitely a good way to check out some J-Pop sounds from years past.


Hope this helps...

Here's some update information regarding this CD series. In 2002, the group of record labels involved released new 2-CD sets covering the 1960's (one set for each year from 1960 to 1969) as well as releasing a new set, called "Zoku Seishunka Nenkan", featuring an additional CD for each year in the original set which contains more major songs from those years... more Oricon #1 songs, more Nihon Record Taisho award winners and more Kohaku Utagassen hits!

These are truly awesome CDs for people like myself researching the history of J-Pop music...

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