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Segata Sanshiro!!!

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3 Dec 2002
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Ah, Segata Sanshiro! This wonderful ad campaign for Sega's Saturn is rather enjoyable. I would like to share it with other JapanReference forum members, who might not necessarily be video game fans in general.

First, I would recommend the entire music video. As far as I can remember, this is a nice quality movie file that features the full theme song as well as footage from most of the commercials. It also contains footage not used in some commercials (such as the scene in the image I've posted below). This file is about 26MBs, but is the most worthwhile one (jn my opinion) to check out.
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You can find all of my Segata Sanshiro video files on this page. I have almost all of them up.


Some more photos:

Segata hits a fastball for a Greatest Nine commercial - with his foot! Ouch! The Greatest Nine games are nice baseball games, for those wonderfing. I'm not a fan of sports games, really, but it was enjoyable.

Segata and a foe wrestle a bit, but Segata tosses his foe - who then explodes upon landing! what?!? Ohhh, it's a commercial for a Saturn Bomberman game - Bomberman Fight! This is the most unique Bomberman game I have played, with many new powerups and such tossed in that were never used again, as well as a health bar. Fun stuff!

Segata rushes into a building to save a young woman from a fire in a commercial for the game Burning Rangers. She's unconcious and he performs CPR... but.... gee, Segata... buddy.. you sure are enjoying that mouth-to-mouth!! :eek:

A madman fires a missle headed straight for Sega's headquarters! That fiend!! But thankfully, Segata's around to stop it! He jumps from the roof, turns the missle around towards space... and *sniffle* saves us all by sacrificing himself. Segata Sanshiro... Segata Sanshiro.... SEGATA SANSHIRO!!!!

Ah... what a great campaign. :)

You know, looking through my collection, I realized I don't have some videos linked to on the site (like the odd Shining Force III commercial, etc). I shall get those together and let you guys know when they're up.
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