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14 Jan 2004
Hey everybody, as you don't know, I got a Dreamcast for Christmas. I noticed a month ago that a video game store had Sonic Shuffle, I've done me research, and figured out it has the basic concept of Mario Party(in general)games. So now, I really want to buy it, and I figure its still there because Dreamcasts aren't that regular in my town. But I wanted you input, what do u guys think of the game?
I must admit that i've never played it. it looks pretty wacky though and i might pick it up if i see it around. Im currently trying to get the Japanese anniversery edition of Sonic Adventure 2. -got one in my sights- ;)

:D SA2 lookes awsome, never played it, but a friend first one. Have you ever heard of the "Seaman's eddition Dreamcast"? Its red, about 730 were made, and it costs on ebay.. last time I checked..(before november)... 700 US?
Yeah. Seaman looks really cool! I nearly bidded for a copy with the microphone on ebay last week... I think its a neat idea, wouldn't mind seeing it in action.

Next game im going to get is D2 for the dreamcast... hopefully Elemental Gimmick Gear is wisking its way to my house at the minute. Im so happy!!!! 😄 🙂

😄 ME too! Getting S.S.S. today! :D
I'm a little sispicious though.. I mean, its for 9.99$
then again, its used, Dreamcasts are rare.. meh. Time will tell hey?
D2? Confused.. which game be that? Oh ya, and I'd like to get Chu Chu Rocket. It looks good, suppose to be good, yet online goes for about 5 bucks... once again, I'm sespicious.
D2 is one of the original launch games for the U.S. dreamcast. Its like a survival horror game that comes on 4 GD-Rom's. It looks really neat! ;)

D2 review

I have 3 copies of Chu Chu Rocket and a Chu Chu Rocket wallpaper on my secondary monitor here at work. 😄 When Chu Chu Rocket was originally released it was given away free to every dreamcast owner. I got one from my local Game (where I bought my dreamcast) I ordered one from Sega Europe *hehe* and I got one free when I bought a game a couple of weeks later. So I still have 2 factory sealed. Its a really good game if you play it with 3 other friends and they all know how to play it. It gets really vindictive when you all start trying to send the cats into each others rockets. haha. its a good laugh. It is a game that you will either love or hate though. Dont pay alot for it, there are so many copies around that you should be able to get it really cheap seens it was free to begin with. ;)

I put my order in for the Sonic Adventure 2 10th anniversary edition today. So hopefully that will arrive from hong kong in a week or 2 aswell as the copy of Puzzle Bobble I ordered for my Neo-Geo Pocket Colour. woopee!!!!!!!!

Going back to the title of the thread. The more I look at Sonic Shuffle the more I want to get it and play it. hmmm...must look for japanese import version on web....hehe

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