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Wanted Seeking Japanese archery companions near Tokyo!


Nov 9, 2014
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I'm looking for someone who wants to play Japanese archery with us.

Place: Within the 23 wards of Tokyo. Main place are East Shinagawa or Ayase.
Current Member: Over 30 years old men & women.(Only Japanese). Four people.
Activity frequency: Only weekend. Once a month, three hours/one time.
Expense: About 1,000 yen per every activity(Only place rental cost)
Equipment: You need to bring your own equipment(bow, arrow, globe, uniform).

Our member has decreased very much because they were transferred to another region, so we need more new members to continue Japanese Archery activity.
We welcome anybody that lives in Japan if you can't speak Japanese.

If you have never experienced it, we can teach a little.
But only at first, you need to buy all equipment (Bow, Arrow, Globe, Uniform).
They will cost at lease 80,000 yen, but you can use them for long time.
Let's play Kyudo with us!