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Wanted Seeking intermediate/advanced learners of Japanese for paid product study


17 Feb 2015
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We're looking for intermediate to advanced students of Japanese language to participate in a user research study for a new online language-learning web site. You can do the session at your home or office, and it will take about 30-60 minutes of your time.

You'll start the session by using a prototype of our site on your own computer, and then we'll conduct an interview over the phone or Skype. After completing the session, we'll email you a $30 Amazon gift certificate.

  • Intermediate to advanced Japanese ability: You can read kana easily and have a grasp of basic grammar and vocabulary. If you're unsure if you qualify, go ahead and apply.
  • A laptop or desktop computer to use. You cannot participate via a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Must be a native-level English speaker
  • You must give us permission to record the interview part of the session. Recordings will be kept private/confidential.
If you're interested in participating, go to the Google link below and fill out our application form. We'll review your application and reply via email about scheduling a time to do the session. Thanks!

Application to Join User Research for Japanese Learning Product
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