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Seeking for advices post Masters course in Japan


Jun 26, 2014
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Hi all,
I would like to seek advice of any of your opinion. I am currently studying in International graduate program in Keio Univ, I would like to work in Japan as an engineer after Masters course here. However, I have only started learning Japanese language a year ago and progress is slow with one lecture per week.

I am currently considering the following options:

1. Learn more Japanese language in language school after Masters course to improve language skill to be better equipped to find a job.

2. Pick up as much Japanese language as possible while I am in univ now so that I could apply to companies as Keio univ graduate and maybe benefits from its reputation.

Initially I think option 1 would be a better option as I could focus on doing research work now; and then focus on learning language and maybe do some part time work to cover some living fee. But according to some friends, they suggested route 2 as they highlighted that it is some kind of cultural mindset that which school I were in when I sought for job is really critical. Just like to find out what is your opinion on this matter if you have any experience related to them?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Just me
Aug 20, 2003
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Get a tutor.
Get a language exchange partner.
Watch vids in a studious way.
Buy and read study guides by yourself.
Join a Japanese club.
See if city hall offers lessons.

Don't expect to be at an appropriate level at your current rate.