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Secret Origin of COMFORT WOMEN -- What does Bible say about it (multilingual version)

I am afraid there is nothing to comment on. The pages just has a bunch of links to amazon books to buy. I can guess at what you are trying to say, reveal, but I'm not going to put words in your mouth.

Is there a specific topic you would like to talk about?
Thanks your reps.

Yes, my page has a link to amazon books.
But, it is one of several links.

If you say as if my page has ONLY amazon link(s), it is a sort of lie, or not?

Why do people take such manner?
Ordinarily because they can not disprove it.

You may see the answer in my pages and links.

In Machine translated pages, we can not buy book(s).
I followed the link you posted, and with the exception of the banner to the other site about North Korea, and a goole page on "machine translations" everything links to some book selling site. The only thing that takes one to anything representing an opinion is the リンクポリシー (link policy). This page goes to a Japanese language page, which only then takes me to anything not trying to get me to amazon.com (if your visitors don't read Japanese, they will go to another site).

I admire your time you put into your site and I think you could add some interesting points to this forum, but if you want people to spend any time on your site learning, you need to make getting to your content easier. Why would anyone click on "link policy" unless they wanted to post a link? I had to systematically click on every link you had to find anything. Make navigation on your site easier and people will have a look.

I'll take some time and see what you have to say...
Internet links are hardly the best source of material .. why don't you find some books from unbiased sources? (I personally prefer western authors who are familiar with both countries, less chance of bias)

The stuff you posted is not supported by anything resembling unbiased sources, and some of the major conclusions you reach aren't supported by references.
kadzuwo's comments:
Moses: "But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, KEEP ALIVE FOR YOURSELVES [soldiers]" (Numbers 31-18) What does it mean?

It means that virgins could be taken as wives by the captors.
And if someone wants to use the bible to justify their actions why would it be the Japanese? Especially during WWII when the official religion of Japan was Shinto?

The bible is full of murder and acts that today we consider wrong by all civilized standards. Why are you trying to build a link between Japan and the bibile???
Sounds like the revisionists are going for the bizarre angle now- Not only didn't we do anything, whatever we do was God's fault.

I gotta go now, I'm stoning my neigbor for not wearing a hat and coveting my slave's ***.
sabro said:
I gotta go now, I'm stoning my neigbor for not wearing a hat and coveting my slave's ***.
:LOL: :D :D :D I'm finally able to type my response after cleaning up the coffee that flew out of my mouth and nose when i read this! Priceless!
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