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"secret" marriage - a little heavy :/


24 Dec 2006
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Alright, I don't even know if this is a place to be asking this, and either way, I will be consulting a lawyer to confirm this, but I just want to know if anyone may perhaps know on-hand of a similar situation and/or if this is possible. I'm not looking to be judged, or told I am immoral/moral (although I cannot stop anyone from doing so), or I should just give up etc, I am asking as to whether or not this is possible and nothing else.
Recently, I have been studying in Japan and I had plans to return home after my visa cut off, save up, and return once again. When I returned, I planned on living with my other half, whom I love very deeply and vice versa. So my visa expired, I switched to temporary visa and extended my stay to be with him a little more, but just a few days before my visa expired, he was told he does not have very much time left to live, and I had already quit my school, and had no way of receiving a tuition of 6 months in time to renew my visa. We have been together for a long time, and we care for each other deeply, and he's always had a very bad heart; constantly weak/sick. I supported him as much as possible within my power, and stayed by his side as much as I could, as I would have chosen to do no other had I another choice.
We had talked about marriage before, but not as something we would do in the near future; perhaps something to do when I returned to Japan again. However, upon learning this, of course I could not stand to have him disappear forever whilst I resided back in America, trying to save up for my return (I would have needed to save enough for the ticket as well as a way to support myself without a job..Not a problem, but I've been slapped with a terrible predicament). So, we researched ways possible for me to stay; he even considered coming to the US but he is obviously in no state to do so. So we decided to go ahead and get married, move in together, and live our lives the way we wanted... everything would have been fine except for that his family would not approve of it; the situation is quite complicated and involves his past. I won't go into it, as there is no point, but he as well as I do not wish for anyone to be griefed or harmed. He's tried desperately to find ways for me to stay here; he even got his contract cut off with the music company he was with, due to being a little too persistent about getting me a position at his company. I just want to be with him, as we have not much time left, and of course I still have dreams to follow and people to help here as well. We thought all hope was lost, however, I recently stumbled upon some information that may make it possible for us to be together.
In America, in some jurisdictions, it is possible to get a "secret marriage". I also learned from other people, as well as stories that people get secret marriages for problematic family reasons as well, which was perfect for my case, however this is not the U.S. I couldn't find any information on secret marriages or the sort in Japan, but I need to know if there is anything like this in Japan? Or is there a way to hide our marriage from his family and keep our marriage records guarded and withheld from any parties other than ourselves? I'm not seeking to do anything illegal, or cause any harm. I just have my dreams, aspirations, and a man I love with all my heart here. If it's possible to keep our marriage in complete secret from absolutely everyone in Japan as well, please let me know! There must be a way.. if the government can keep secrets as they do, there must be a way for civilians to do the same right? I hope... Thank you SO much for reading this, and thank you in advance for taking the time to answer.. Thank you!!
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