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Secret Japanese Aircraft Of World War II


28 Jul 2003
Hey i saw this programme on UK digital T.V, i was quite amazed with it all. As im a keen history pundit, i was extremely interested in it !

"Secret Japanese Aircraft of WWII tells the story of Japanese Aviation before, during and after World War Two. It recounts the efforts of Japanese aircraft designers in the 1930s to create a range of modern warplanes, culminating in the design and manufacture of such legendary aircraft as the Nakajima Ki-43 'Oscar', and the Mitsubishi A6M 'Zero'.

We examine the contribution of US Technical Air Intelligence Units to identifying these planes and assessing their strengths and weaknesses. Heading up this operation was Frank McCoy, a US Intelligence Officer, who gave the Japanese aircraft the distinctive western names they are known by today.

As the War turned against Japan, Japanese designers, working from drawings and blueprints of German rocket and jet technology, created a number of truly remarkable airplanes, very often improving on the original German designs. Among these were the rocket powered 'Shusui', the Nakajima 'Kikka' jet fighter and the experimental Kugisho R2Y.

We recount the efforts of Japanese industry to put these planes into mass production. We tell of the frantic, but ultimately doomed preparations to assemble a secret airforce of jet and rocket planes to counter the anticipated American invasion of the Japanese Home Islands in 1945.

Following the end of World War Two, we chronicle the peacetime development of Japanese aviation and the birth of the Japanese rocket programme in the 1950s and 60s. We conclude with an assessment of contemporary Japanese aviation and aerospace technology."

I found it very interesting, it made a comment at the end of the programme that if the War had continued to 1946 the new aircraft could have caused thr Americans huge problems in the invasion of Japan. Also that the japanese aircraft could have pro-longed the war even further than 1946 if this had been done ! and could have not turned the war against Japan.

Anyways i just thought it was very interesting programme on UK History channel. I thought i was pretty good on WW2 history but i dint know much about japenese air crafts. !
The most 'funny' one was probably the Ohka. All in all it was just a manned V-1 missle; a suicide bomb.
Buy: Secret Japanese Aircraft of WWII

You think that "Secret Japanese Aircraft of WWII", will come out on VHS or DVD ?

Was their footage and interviews of the japanese who were involved ?
because i remember watching this on the history channel awile back i searched their store. they have a tendancy to want to sell about every show they make. anyhow you can buy it online here
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