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Searching for Sayaka Suzuki

13 Mar 2004
I am searching for a Sayaka Suzuki who lived in and went to school in Connecticut, USA when she was a child ( third grade ). The last known place in Japan that she lived was in Saitaima. My name is Stephanie and Tiffany is looking for her as well. Tiffany is living in Yokota, and I am coming there next month, we really want to meet back up with her. If you may have any information about this matter please contact me. Her birthday is September 19th. 😄 Please help me if you can. Thank you so much
she is IN japan? have you tried to contact someone with a japanese phonebook?maybe they can look for her. tell me how it oes. i will search too. good luck.
Just Wonderin??

When a woman marries in Japan, does she give up her maiden name, or somehow hyphenate it in to her new name? I would think it would be hard to trace a woman who has married!

Yeah, a woman gives up their maiden name. Unless it's a mukoyoushi situation. Then the husband takes the wife's last name.
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