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Searching For Michiko (Abe) Ikeda

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14 Dec 2002
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Michiko (Abe) Ikeda is elderly. She would be about 72-73 years of age. Born in suburb of Toyama, possibly Naweitsu (spelling could be wrong here.) Attended or graduated from Toyama HS. Was raised by Aunts who owns a persimmon orchard in that suburb town.
Michiko and I resided in Kamakura for some years. I was returned to the states as we planned marriage and marriages at that time were forbidden. Our residence was on Zaimokuza. I have photos of her at that early period, but don't know if photos are allowed on this site. Hoping someone might know or remember this lovely lady. I am
Russ Barnes
[email protected]
Russ, welcome to the board and yoroshiku!

Wishing you good luck with your search.
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