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Searching For Japanese Friends In San Francisco

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7 Dec 2003
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HI Everyone. My name's Yokutoshi (mike is my real name). I;m currently enrolled in a Japanese class at my school in San Francisco.I've been studying Japanese for roughly 1 and a half years already. Its really cool i think how there are so Many japanese people in the world. I want to make some friends in the city so I can go out and have some fun on the weekends, or just chill in Japantown sometime. Umm..I'm really outgoing and and looking to have a good time.
I know most Japanese people tend to be shy, but you dont have to be shy with me. I can teach you English if you want, and it can be FUN. NO books, or dictionaries, just nice conversations. Or if you dont want to learn english, you can talk in Japanese with me. Its fine. I understand most of the stuff that is said in Japanese.
If you in the San Francisco area and are interested in hangin out with me or getting together or something you can email me @ [email protected] or just send message via Jref.com.

I also have a spot on Jref's gallery if you wanna see my pics.
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