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Searching for Etsuko

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27 Apr 2017
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Hi all,

if anyone knows something about this please reply!!! It's been an year since I'm trying to find some infos but it seems like the infos completely disappeared from reality!

The person I'm trying to find some infos about is my great great grandmother who came from Japan and married my great great grandad Giuseppe (born in 1858) who was a merchant navy captain.

Her name was Etsuko Matsumoto, she was born in 1861 (or so it seems) in Urasoe (Okinawa) but lived in Naha.
Her dad was a government official and her mother was an housewife.
I don't know if she had any siblings.
She married Giuseppe, from Italy, and came to live here where she took the name of Rosa.
She had two sons: Antonio (1888) and Francesco (1895).

I'd like to know something about her background and if there's still some relative alive.

Thank you very much!!!!

I also have a pic if it could be helpful!
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