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Searching for Chigami, Shuichi

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25 Sep 2017
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I'm searching for an old friend of mine named Chigami, Shuichi. I believe this is a pretty rare name, so I thought I would be able to find him on social media or somewhere, but I have found nothing.

He was originally from Kurashiki in Okayama-ken, but he moved to Tokyo after high-school for work. He was born in April of 1967. We were great friends until about 2002 when the economy was taking a downfall, and he lost his business in Tokyo - Shinjuku area. He lived in the Shin Nakano area the last time I saw him.

As is usual with Japanese people, he is very private, and I suspect if he has been on social media, he may have used a phony name. He would probably kill me for giving this much information about him to strangers. However, I would really like to get in contact with him again.

When I was in Japan in 2015, an old friend of ours in Tokyo said he had heard that Shuichi was going to move back to the Okayama or Osaka area. However, there is no confirmation that this happened.

If anyone happens to have any information related to him, please let me know. My name is Brian (from California) and he should have no probably recognizing who I am by just my name.

Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
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Thread locked . If you have any helpful info , please use the private message contact.
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