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searching for anri manabe in Sapporo


25 Dec 2003
i have her address but i don't have phone number
can somebody look the last name up in the phone book that matches the address below?

i believe the phone number is registered under her dad's name which i can not remember.

3-5-703 Nishi 27
Kita 5 Chuo-ku
Sapporo 064-0825

PS: she went to college in vancouver canada
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postal service will deliver mail within 6 months to a new location if residents request. in february perhaps new phonebooks will be printed....
can anybody recommend a people-finder service agency in sapporo, japan? or just japan in general, just in case ?
ohayou, that''s a good idea. i sent registered mail asap. hope it gets re-directed. thanks again for all your effort!
happy new year!

would anybody be willing to look for my friend in sapporo? please pm me with your phone number and i will call you with more details

thank you!
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