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Question Searching for a lost anime or OVA?


27 Nov 2019
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I remember hearing about an anime/OVA that had a sort of gory/unsettling vibe about. The anime/OVA as far as i remember had a scene where there were 3 or 9 girls locked in a bathroom. I recall that these girls were trapped in the place and they were talking about their life dreams slowly giving up hope of getting out alive, one girl and another girl had a pretend wedding because it was a girls dream to be married. Eventually the anime/OVA ends with the girls going crazy and all committing suicide, with some slamming their heads on the floor, the wall, and some scratching at their throat till they died, one scene was a girl who helped drown another girl in the sink since the girl who wanted to drown couldn't do it on her own. afterwards the credits roll and afterwards one girl wakes up and screams as the camera zooms in on her face. I recall them wearing a uniform, and the uniform colors were either blue and white or plain brown. I remember the anime had an 80's-90's style to it. As of now i have had no success of finding it.

can anyone help me? has anyone else seen or heard of this anime/OVA?

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