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Searching for a 2007 exchange student to Singapore from Keio

Jean Seah

3 Mar 2017
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I know this is a freaking impossible long shot, but in August 2007 I met an 18-year-old guy called Yu at the National Library of Singapore; he was on exchange from Keio, and he had one older sister.
He asked me out, but he had just told me that he was only staying for 3 more weeks, and I didn't want to be his summer fling so I sidestepped the question indignantly, and he didn't realise that I did really like him and wanted to be friends, and didn't get my number, and though I haunted the library for the 3 weeks after that, I never saw him again.
Anyway, I spent the next 10 months with a horrible heartache (though I knew it was stupid), and now it's 10 years later the stupid heartache has returned, I have no idea why, so I'm just going to stick this out in the ether and hope to find a resolution.
[Yes, I emailed the university 10 years ago asking if they could find him and forward my details and nobody responded... who would respond to such a random request? =p]
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