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Lucky Kohzai

5 Jul 2017
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Hi, I am Lucky Kohzai (Lucky is just a nickname of mine in case if I'm dealing with the right people or not). Let me briefly introduce him and me: I live in the Philippines with a half Filipina and half Japanese blood. My father is named Hirofumi Kohzai (or Kozai), he is a pure Japanese descent from Kagawa, but he continued his studies abroad and made a family here in the Philippines. For almost 20 years, he didn't came back to Japan; but he also works for Japanese company, and has a lot of acquaintances and friends who are Japanese. But his life here wasn't as stable as you think. The companies he has worked for either go bankrupt or closed; so, he always has to move. The last time he made contact with his family in Japan was when his father died last 2011. He always works hard for us to maintain our studies and a good life. Until he overworked himself and end up being diagnosed with stroke last December 2016. All of our savings and money went to his hospital bills. It affected as a lot. We had nothing to eat and our education was affected. We survive through my mother's relatives' support. We tried asking for help from the Embassy of Japan, but all they do is to make us wait when we are already in need. Now, I try to look for people who can help me find his mother and his sister. We still had their complete address which is in Takamatsu, Kagawa. But they changed their phone number. My father's friends and company was hopeless. Thank you so much if you are considerate enough to read this and I appreciate for anybody who wish to help us. Thank you.

His Mother is Kiyoe Kozai and his sister is Michiyo Kozai.
Please email me at [email protected]
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