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search for family survivors of WW2 pilot Nishikaici



I am attempting to locate and contact possible family survivors of pilot Shigenori Nishikaichi. Airman Nishikaichi was stationed aboard the carrier Hiryu on Dec. 7, 1941. He was section leader of the second wave of aircraft from the Hiryu that participated in the airstrike at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Nishikaichi's A6M2 Mitsubishi Zero was hit by ground fire over Bellows Field on Oahu. He was unable to return to the Hiryu and crash landed on the privately owned island of Niihau. He survived the crash and was later killed by islanders and buried in an unmarked grave.

I have located a native islander who assisted in Nishikaichi's burial and remembers the site. Access to the privately owned island is very limited and by invitation only. I am privileged to have frequent access as a professional hunter.

If family members can be located and indicate a desire to recover his remains, I will see what can be done to do so.

If there is interest to assist in location of Nishikaichi's family, I have more details.

Thanks for the oppurtunity to post this request.

[email protected]
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