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20 Sep 2003
Dear Forum Users,
for an art project here in Berlin, Germany, I do a research on screenshots of personal computers. I.e. right now i collect the screenshots of the desktop, pictures of the workspace of the computers, when there is no programm or application running and no folder open - the image of the screen, when the computer has just started. In most cases this is a background picture with some folders and files. I am especially interested in pictures from Japan.

On an Apple Macintosh you make a photo of it by pressing the keys Apple, Shift, 3 simultaneously. You hear a sound and a Picture 1 will be on you HD or on you desktop.

On Windows 98, 2000 and NT you press the Print-key. By this a picture will be copied into the clipboard and with a graphic application (Photoshop, CorelDraw, Photoshop Elements or other) you can paste it (STRG + V) into a new document.

Would you send me such a screenshot of your desktop? I don't know yet what I will do with it, it still is pure research ... greetings + thanks in advance from berlin
my e-mail is: [email protected]
it's not background pictures or folder icons i am looking for. It's the personalized order of the screen i am looking for. Some have a very acurate and clean desktop some have a background foto of a landscape with hundreds of folders flying around, some have a picture of the girlfriend or boyfriend with icons around their head, some are very colourful, some are very bare etc.

I know this is of course a bit intime, but I guess walking on the street is showing more of yourself. So I hope nobody is afraid to send me their pictures.

When my project is done (probably in spring - I will post it here) - Thanks in advance - twotothree
just made a screenshot of my desktop and uploaded it there.

have a look if you feel like it ;)
its rather "clean" though since i reinstalled litestep a few days ago and still experiment with it. and the links which are normally on the desktop are displayed as list when i rightclick on it so... *shrugs* dunno if it helps
i understand what you meant, ill post a pic of mine later when i get to to my computer. kinda having a lan party here so its in use.
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