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14 Mar 2002
Does anyone else notice an increase in spam mails with .exe or .scr attachments? Since one or two weeks I receive a couple of them each and every day.

Seems to be a new (or modified) worm: W32.Yaha.K@mm.

.scr attachements are Windows screensaver files, which are actually just as executable as ordinary .exe files.
They've been used in different kinds of viruses for some time now.

I didn't get any yet... :)
I am glad I switched to a web-based email service. They check all incoming mails for suspicious files and filter spam. So apart from the occassional Nigerian scam mail the spam avalanche has been completely stopped.

What do you mean by web-based ? Something like hotmail or yahoo ? Yahoo is quite good; it has Norton antivirus integrated and scan all files before opening them. I rarely get spam (if any at all) on my yahoo adresses, while my hotmail accounts struggle everyday to stay clean. :( What's more Yahoo gives 6MB, but hotmail only 2MB.

Does anybody know other good free email ? Lycos give up to 15MB of free storage, but it's just crap.
With "web-based" I referred to services like Hotmail and Yahoo. I'm using gmx.net for all my correspondance. It's a German company offering 20MB storage, but they delete mails that are older than 3 months.
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Cool ! There is ICQ notification, free homepage hosting, chat and forum links, calendar, antispam... Bad luck there are doraemons everywhere. Not that I don't like him, but that look very childish.
Heh, you should see my room at home. :)

Actually, their parent company is the Hong Kong based Outblaze.com. I think they have more differently themed email-services.
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