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Schwarz Stein or Lareine

20 Aug 2003
anyone into them? i heard about them not too long ago..well i stumbled on a pic of hora lol never judge a book by its cover so to speak i like their sound anyone else a fan?

also anyone like Lariene..kamijo is hot..is it me or does that one dude Mayu or whatever look a hell of alot like shinya in some pix 😲
Didnt Schwarz Stein recently break up? Or they are about to. Regardless, my buddy used to be best friends with them. Never understood why.
Yeah, Schwarz Stein have released their second album "Current" this week and they will break up on march 29.

As for Lareine. Do they still have the same vocalist as in 1999? If so, then i still don't like them. There are too many good JRock-bands which get pulled down by their bad, or rather marginal, vocalist.
Lareine kicks so much *** it's unbelievable. They're my number two band. =D

And yes; they have the same vocalist they've had since 1996 - Kamijo. He has a great voice, he looks great in makeup and they have great songs. I love you so much, Lareine ;_;

For the new fan, I recommend the "Fierte" CD; their first major album.


Gonna go pull out my Knight CD now, have a lil listen~

ahh kamijo is very handsome i love him im a fan grl..im entitled to lmao i like him in suits more than the makeup reg j-rock look though


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Lareine's wonderful. As you can see from my avatar.

I've only heard a handful of Schwarz Stein songs. Not too bad.
I personally didn't really like SS at all. The looks were nice, but the music just wasn't my type. I dislike techno, and most of the songs weren't distinguishable to me. If Kaya sang to another kind of music I might be interested; I really like his voice. But the voice distorters + unmemorable songs just don't do it for me.

i used to be a big rammstein fan then j-rock.pop/rap/took my life over

i like hora

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the singer for SS has a nice voice he should start another band
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If you're going to ask about another band, why not make another thread for it?

As for Rammstien, no, I dont like them very much. Lil' too cheesy for me.

If you want German/Nordic bands, try Storm. You can tell from the vocal stylings immediately, that its straight out of Berlin; 1670 Berlin, that is.
Hi! A Schwarz Stein fan and newbie forum poster here! ^^

The new album its called "Artificial Hallucination", "Current" was their 2nd single, wich was released in November of 2003.
They aren't disbanded still, but they will after their last one-man show, on March 29th :(
Anyway Hora and Kaya will continue with their music skills by separate, or so they said, we hope so!! Kaya was in a band called ISOLA before SS, it was a rock band, pretty nice, though there isn't much material of it. Hora was in the well-know indies visual-electro/new wave band VELVET EDEN. Its a shame about their disband, they're so special and unique... *cry*

Long live to digital decadence!! 🕺
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