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Schools in Toronto area


11 Jan 2004
Does anyone know of any colleges, or places that have Japanese language courses in the Toronto area? I have started to try to learn on my own, but it is fairly difficult and I think a classroom setting would be the best way to learn. Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

- Jon
I say search for the JCCC, it'S the best bet considering you are from Toronto, In Montreal, there isn't an organization of that calibre, or else I wouldn't have asked my query in another thread.

I don't have the url, but just google JCCC Canada Toronto and you should find it. They teach all sorts of stuff I think. Aikido, Judo, Kendo, I'm sure some sort of language class can help you there.
Try to call Toronto's Japanese embassy. I don't think there's one but something els in Toronto if not try Ottawa's embassy.

That is what is offered at the Japanese Culture Centre of Canada. It's in the Don Mills suburb, if i recall right, centre-east-ish...

91$ for 10 1.5hr classes though. As coordinator mentions, maybe the consulate in Toronto can help you.


Found the link for you.

(I better find the same type of links for Montreal now. Toronto has a LOT more resources out there for you though..)

EDIT : Within the JACE : # Group lessons (on demand) $400.00/15 hours + GST + textbook + materials.

If you find 3+ friends with a common level and that have some money, it doesn't cost that much :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
thank you everyone, I am going to look into these. I will let you all know what happens.
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