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School Uniform!?!


23 Oct 2003
I've found some rules about it in the search but I'm still not clear.

I've heard private schools must have uniforms and public sometimes don't.

There's also winter and summer uniform, what's the difference? In summer do boys have shorts?

What's the deal with those black looking army style uniforms and those business like tie and vest ones?

I've hear uniforms cost up to 500$ and you don't even keep it at the end.

That's all I can think of now.
yes private must have uniforms as for public its on rare occasion that you dont have to have uniforms
the difference between summer and winter uniforms is that sometimes (for girls that is) its different coloured uniform or the sleeve lenghts are different and of course the jumper or blazer we have to wear.
for males theres not much difference besides the fact of having no blazer/jumper on just the white shirt and the black pants.
i hope that helped a bit in answering your question Luc
Oh thank god, I though you had to wear a black jacket in summer. I would die from a heat stoke.

But what is the different from those army style uniform and the business style?
You know what I mean right?

Thanks for the info!
haha nah the guys dont have to wear that blazer thing during the summer

and about the army thing and the business it all depends on the school cos at our school the guys have to wear the ties and all whereas at my friends school its the army uniform u know so it all depend on the school
More cool, perhaps. But when I was in HS, there was a uniform change over. My year and below had the business outfit, while everyone older had the old Prussian style. They would always complain about the stiff collar. We always wanted their outfits and they wanted ours. The grass is always greener....
I never had a uniform before, do you wear the same one every day or you have more then one? The thing that worries me the most is do you keep it at the end? If you give it back do you get your money in return?
Even with the military ones you have a regulation shirt you wear under it. That is the one you change. You will still wear the same jacket and pants everyday. I think I might have had two pair of pants... By year three, things can get pretty ratty.

You can keep them, but by the time you have spent all day every day in the same outfit, most people get rid of them. They don't have to give them back. No one would wear a dirty, old, hand me down uniform anyway.
If I had a uniform I would still wear it after graduation. People calling you senpai and you can boss them around. Good times!
Mandylion: did your school change to the business style? wow i dont think our school is ever gonna change the uniform code even though alot of the guys in our school wants to change to the army style.

Luc: i wouldnt mind not having uniform but then later on the year i'd probably be wanting uniform so i wouldnt have to choose what to wear every morning. 😄
Yeah, they really did do it. This was back in 1997 and was phased in over three years. Still, a lot of schools are sticking with the old style, more like yours I think, Mana.
wow uniforms !

great ! i've always wanted to wear such uniforms (i mean black ones) because i find them more cool too (at least less serious than business ones) .
i have a brother who is looking for such uniforms but in vain :(
here in algeria there isn't any.
also in france where i am at the moment .
maybe if i ever have an opportunity to go to japan then...i'll grab the chance to buy some :)
It must be a very exciting topic for you to revive a thread that died almost four years ago.
ohh yes !
you don't know how right you are MIKE CASH .
my brother and i are still looking for such clothes . we definitely L O V E them . any idea where it would be possible to find them in France ? or on internet ?
Oooooeeeh, Schooluniforms.
Most people don't like it though...
In my country our school was thinking about them once.
Everybody was like : NOOOOO~!
But, I wouldn't mind i guess.
I like most of the schooluniforms that i've seen.
But wearing them while going to school, i think i'll never experience that :p
I like Japanese uniform both business and the one that looks a little like a military uniform. I don't really like girls uniform it seams for me a little childish design. I guess this is because of a cultural difference. Usually Sailor outfits are for small children in my country. :)
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