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School of Rock, great movie

Dream Time

20 Jul 2003
i've only seen some part of this movie
and heard a few songs from the soundtrack
i think this is a good movie 👍
the kids are pretty good at the instruments at their age (the guitarist and the drummer actually have their own bands)

i wish more parents and teachers would see this movie,
especially in places like Hong Kong, China,
back in China,some people still don't even know what rock n roll is,or they have rarely hear rock music,the government suppresses rock music,
even when Cui Jian (father of Chinese rock music) organized a Chinese Woodstock-like activity,the government did not permit them to do the show in Beijing,so the show was held on a mountain pretty far away from the cities,and the performers had to let the government officials see the lyrics of the songs they were going to perform,they had to get permissions by the government officials to perform the songs..

and in places like Hong Kong,many parents still thinks classical music is good,rock music is bad,they think rockers are all junkies,gangs,bad people,but this is not true of course,
they let their kids learn classical music instruments at young age,
if they kids wants to learn instruments like electric guitar and play rock music,some parents will just say NO..if they start playing rock music,the parents might think they are turning bad,rebel..

if you like rock music,i think you will love this movie,
if you want to start listening and learning about rock music,see this movie
and even buy the soundtrack. 👍
also some of the teenagers,
who says rock music is bad but they don't even know about rock music
they think rock music is just noisy,
come on people,don't judge on something that you don't know
try music like Led Zeppelin,Guns N Roses,Deep Purple,Jeff Beck,Yngwie Malmsteen,
and if you don't like it,go get something like Bon Jovi,B'z,Red Hot Chilli Peppers,
and if you still don't like it,
try stuff from England like Oasis,
try different kinds of rock music,you will find something you like

and one thing I know,rock musicians spend their days working on their instruments and music,
pop idols spend their days selling their faces and images

i don't force people to listen to change their music tastes
but i want them to stop the stereotype,
learn about something before judging it
I watched school of rock with my spanish gang, and we laughed soooo hard, I was going to see The Passion of the Christ, but I don't feel ready yet. I gotta go back to church some time....
yeah school of rock is a good movie on its own, jack black is great in it too. should check out his band, tenacious D.

oh yeah jason, i saw you on ripley's believe it or not the other day, riding around las vegas, hanging from hooks in the back of a truck, crazy.
I thought School of the Rock wasn't that good...
Being Jewish, Mel Gibson'll hopefully have portrayed Jesus as the blasphemer he was...
the passion was bloody,i have not seen the school of rock is why i came to this discussion,,and the ripleys thing is funny
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