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School Exam in April?


23 Oct 2003
What is this school exam at the start of school year? I got shafted from being a student in hiroshima high school because of this, telling me they don't have time for foreigners.

I got this news last minute I had my luggage packed, travels checks and plane ticket.

Can someone explain this to me?
Are you sure it's not the high school entrance exam (that's suppose to have been taken some other time)? I don't think you can get into Japanese high schools unless you have taken the entrance exam (have you taken that?) or have been recommended by someone (eg. jr high school), or unless the school was accepting foreign students for some purpose that'll put you in some special classes. I doubt you can just blend right in with other Japanese students that actually took the exam to get in if you haven't taken and passed it.
I dont think its an entrance exam (nyuugaku shiken, its a bit late for that), probably a placement exam.

I'd go there anyway and just go to lessons, stuff them.
At my school the tests are to see if they did their homework over spring break. Entrance exams are before graduation in March. The school you wanted to go to might have a different system, and Ewok85 is probably correct.

Sounds like they were looking for an excuse...
Yeah, sounds like an escape route to me. I say look into it more, ask them questions about the test, why you wernt notified, etc... I would still go also. Sorry to hear of your dissapointment, I know you have been putting a lot of effort towards this.
Our school made up all sorts of excuses for dodgy things we had to do when there , and our poor 'volunteer' paid assistant teachers. By calling them volunteers they could pay them less and not have to worry about working them more. Made them come in on sundays and all kinds of crap till i told them to stand up for their rights!

Push mate, if you aint going doing some asking wont hurt, if you need help theres plenty of japanese speaking people who could help with this kind of thing.
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