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Scanlation Research Project

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14 Feb 2017
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Hey everyone! I’m a high school student taking AP Research, and for my research project, I wanted to do something manga-related (since reading manga is how I spend a large portion of my free time).

There’s been debate on whether reading scanlations is ethical or not, so I decided to focus my study on perceptions of how ethical reading scanlations is considered to be depending on certain conditions/factors.

I would be really grateful if you took the time to do my survey, which is 18 questions in total. Here’s the link:


It’s predicted to be around 7 minutes long (but I’m not sure how accurate the prediction is).

Out of all the survey respondents, I’ll randomly choose one to be awarded with a $25 Amazon gift card. I’m sorry, but as a student this is pretty much all I can afford ☹. I wanted it to be something manga related, but I couldn’t find gift cards from Viz. If you have any other suggestions I’m happy to hear them! Any other comments about the survey in general is also welcomed ☺.

There’s an option in the survey to be emailed the results of my study, which will come out in April. If you’re worried about my procrastination tendencies, know that my research paper definitely has to be done by then (because it will be sent to the Collegeboard).

Thanks for reading and I hope you decide to take this survey! I know that filling it out can be tedious (especially with all the variables mentioned in each scenario--you'll see what I mean) but the current format it is now is necessary in order for me to analyze the data in a more meaningful way.
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