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Sasuke And Hinata Should Have Married Each Other At The End Of The Naruto Series


12 Feb 2017
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Hello Japan Reference forums!

I have come to enlighten the world that has neglected a obvious potential of TRUE love which will be revolving around Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuga within this topic, It is indeed and unfortunately true that the naruto manga that's right naruto manga has ended however a new manga named Boruto will be which means naruto will once again become a open story subjectable to change and influence will arise which of course can affect the current pairings of naruto which is a major part of the agenda of this topic, but without further ado here are very plausible and solid reasons as to why Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuga should have been the End Cannon Paring of Naruto!

I'm aware that it is a bit long of a read but that just only shows how much sense Sasuke and Hinata makes as a pairing!! so please bear with it and you will understand and enjoy!

I have written some posts about SasuHina pairing (Sasuke Uchiha-Hinata Hyuga from Naruto) but I want to compile all about them here also add some more so you can read it easily. So why do I think SasuHina should be canon?


Some of you perhaps doubt about SasuHina because of development. SasuHina never interacted directly in manga or anime. Their only speaking scene is only in movie “Bonds” that is considered a filler or in “Road To Ninja” CD drama, but the latter involved their different selves. But DID YOU KNOW that they have so many SIMILIARITIES?

-They are quiet and calm

-They have kekkai genkai

-They are from two of most respected clans in Konoha

-They are looked down by their fathers

-They have strong relatives to look up to and those so-called strong relatives died

-They always use costums with matching colors (even in game!)

-Their blood types are the same with Fugaku-Mikoto Uchiha (A for the women & AB for the men) and according to blood type relation, they will have a stable relationship with the man leading (very true to their traits as well; Hinata is submissive while Sasuke is dominant). Meanwhile NaruSaku is also said to be harmonius.

-Their appearances will look like Fugaku-Mikoto Uchiha

Coincident? NOPE! There are TOO MANY similiarities to be called “just coincident!” I think Kishimoto put them in purpose for SasuHina. Yeah, you asked for development? THESE are their developments! These so-called “coincidences” are built along Naruto canon time. And with those many similiarities, I am sure they will understand each other very well.


I think Hinata will be the best one for Sasuke, because :

1.She is THE ONLY ONE Who is Not Sasuke’s Fangirl

It means that Hinata won’t be interested in boys for petty reason like good looks or famous clan or high class ability. She would rather look at people’s inner beauty. Sakura and Ino are just into Sasuke’s looks. Karin tried to seduce Sasuke because he is hot. If Sasuke were ugly, would the girls still be interested in him? NO! Sasuke himself NEVER looked like as if he was interested in his fangirls although some of them have hugged, molested, or flirted with him shamelessly.

2. She Has A Long Hair

Sasuke said that he likes girl with long hair, while Sakura or Karin both don’t have that kind of hair most of the time. Making SasuSaku or SasuKarin canon would diminish canon traits of Sasuke. That means the “canon ending” itself is OOC! SasuIno would be possible IF Ino was not a fangirl.

3. She is Not Noisy

Sasuke doesn’t appreciate too much noise, while almost all Konoha’s kunoichis are talkative or/and loud EXCEPT for Hinata. Karin is not a quite one as well. So, if you wanna make that oh-so-canon-Sasuke’s-pairing, a noisy girl is a big NO NO for him. Again, the “real canon” is OOC because everybody knew that Sakura is noisy.

4. She Has The Best Genes Available

Uchiha is said to be Hyuga’s descendants so Sasuke’s Uchiha genes will be more preserved if he married a Hyuga. Hinata is the only Hyuga who fits his criteria (not fangirl, not noisy, long hair) so it is clear that they should be together to procreate better Uchiha children. Since Sasuke is the last Uchiha, he should preserve his genes as much as he can, right? Maybe his decendants can marry each other as cousin later to preserve the genes more but for now, Hyuga is the best choice to restore his clan.

Not to mention Hyuga has the traits to produce twins so Sasuke’s clan can be revived much faster than if he tried it with an ordinary girl. Also, think about the power that can be obtained by the mix of Uchiha-Hyuga!

Sasuke clearly needs powerful succesor to revive the clan. And as the renowned clan, Hyuga can help to protect and assist Uchiha both inside or outside the council/court in its journey to restore its former glory.

Now see the result of OOC canon? Uchiha is alone in its rebuilding path (Naruto is so distant, Sakura is clanless) and the only heir is a girl who wears glasses! Wow!

Why does an Uchiha descendant wear glasses? Won’t she go blind if sharingan is activated like Itachi that actually had NORMAL eyes? Yeah, this is the most screwed out scenario from the so-called “new flame of Uchiha” whatsoever or SALAD. Not only she doesn’t have that cool Uchiha looks but her genes are so bad that her supposed-to-be-family’s-techniques now perhaps is useless on her. An Uchiha with glasses? That is unheard of! Maybe she is really adopted afterall?

If she by any miracles managed to not blind activating sharingan, that means OOC card is used again. And how can she revive Uchiha if she will change her family name once she gets married? (most likely to an Uzumaki, nonetheless). Yeah… yeah… good bye forever, Uchiha! Not only your sharingan will only be a distant memory but your family name too! The flame looks so deem already!

5. She Does Not Have An Unique Hair Colour

Imagine Uchiha in pink or red or blond. Doesn’t seem so “Uchiha”? I think so too. But indigo is closest to dark, so Hinata won’t make strange Uchiha ever.

6. She is Submissive and Needs Protection

Hinata is submissive by nature so won’t object Sasuke’s domination, but not to the point of total submission like Sakura. That’s because she has strong back-up from her clan and does not love him foolishly to not let him go if he tries anything funny.

She is also not made as strong as Sakura. That is why she needs protection from time to time. Uchiha is so much protective towards their loved ones so they will be perfect together; there are someone who wants to protect and someone who needs to be protected.

7. She Has Never Been Hurt By Him

SasuSaku is the definition of worst abusive couple ever in anime and manga history. Karin also has ever been hurt and almost killed by Sasuke.

Hinata in the other hand was spared from Sasuke’s atrocitities over the years. So SasuHina will be a very healthy relationship. Not going to lie, but from first hand experience, it is so very hard to not hold grudges from abusive treatments, moreover killing attempts.

8. She Considered Him As Close Friend

She called him “Sasuke-kun” both in canon and filler (movie) so she thought of him as a close one. You can see it in Juubi war arcs and movie “Bonds”. Japanese people are so polite, they won’t add “kun” to a stranger’s name. Besides, Uchiha and Hyuga were actually neighbours in Konoha so it is impossible to not meet or at least know each other.

Aren’t they in the same academy as well? Even they sat closely in class. So, the argument that they don’t know each other because they never seemed to speak is wrong.


12 Feb 2017
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(Topic Part 2)

9. She is His “Light”

Sasuke and Hinata are like yin and yang. Sasuke represents darkness and Hinata represents light. He is so rude and she is so kind. He is so strong and she is so weak. They complement each other very well. Hinata can help Sasuke to be a better person and Sasuke in return can make Hinata stronger. Can it be sweeter?

10. She Looks Like His Mother

I wrote above that SasuHina looks like FugaMiko. Even Hinata’s appearance in chapter 700 seemed like Mikoto while Sakura looked like Kushina (remember that “find a girl like me” phase from Kushina?).

How could their roles get switched? Tell me it is genjutsu! It is so obvious that they are OOC and not meant to be that way! NaruSaku and SasuHina should happen instead!


I’ve written before that SasuHina is most likely to happen if the manga proceed to the right direction and if only Kishimoto manned up and did what he intended from beginning. Here are the re-explanations of their moments (I added a few other things too):

1. Chuunin Exams, the only canon moment (but non-speaking one) between SasuHina where Hinata looked in awe to Sasuke after he beat Yoroi. She recognized his strenght.

2. In movie “Bonds”, they spoke briefly but some fans said that it was unusual for Sasuke to notice someone like that. I don’t know if it was my imagination, but Sasuke seemed to give Hinata an INTENSE glare. Moreover Sasuke was protecting Hinata’s ship. Why would he do that? He was not the caring Sasuke like in Part 1 who could protect his teammates. Hinata was supposed to be nobody to him at that point. So why did he bother to protect her while Naruto was around? If he did nothing, Naruto would be able to send rasengan from his position. Even Naruto was thankful for his action. Orochimaru also asked whether something good happened to him because he sensed Sasuke was happier. Perhaps it was because of Hinata?

3. In “Road to Ninja”, Charasuke (Sasuke) was interested in Hinata also had his heart beat faster. Since Hinata in RTN still loved Menma (Naruto), maybe the real Sasuke’s feelings was also similiar with his counterpart? (Sasuke and Hinata have so many similiarities in real world, right?)

4. In Naruto’s ending “Cascade” by Unlimits, there are Sasuke-Hinata-Naruto-Sakura. Hinata was seen to look at Sasuke while Sakura was the opposite. If NaruSaku was to be canon, then maybe actually SasuHina too?

5. In chapter 700, Sasuke was travelling around the world without caring for his “happy” family so his so-called “daughter” felt neglected. Why did he do that while nothing urgent happen to him? Where is his “love” for his number-one-fangirl-that-suddenly-raises-a-child-for-him? If a man loved his family so much, he wouldn’t neglect them, moreover if nothing important happened. Maybe he doesn’t love his family enough to stay with them because he loves SOMEONE ELSE, namely, Hinata? (based on previous analysis).

6. In “The Last Movie”, he didn’t attend Hinata’s wedding with Naruto while the groom was his best of the best bestfriend. If your bestfriend got married, while you had all time in the world, would you came? OF COURSE any NORMAL man would! But Sasuke wouldn’t do that simplest act for his bestie after all Naruto has done for him. Maybe because he couldn’t see Hinata married to another man?


You can’t deny that SasuHina is one of the most popular Sasuke’s hetero pairings over there. Its popularity exceeds SasuKarin, SasuIno and almost all other Sasufemale pairings. Since SasuSaku is so abusive and unhealthy (and Sakura is better off with Naruto anyway according to CANON moments), who is the best to be paired to Sasuke for canon other than Hinata? Karin can be with Suigetsu and Ino can be with Shikamaru/Kiba/Sai (I don’t object SaiIno).


From those observations, according to common and canon senses, SasuHina should be canon. Other ships will negate some of Sasuke’s canon traits like his fondness of long haired girl, calmness, etc. It is okay to ship other pairings in AU like in fanfiction or fanart, but not in canon because they won’t fit in.

As a fangirl of Sasuke, actually I also want Sasuke to be mine only. But I can see that for the best and canon senses, it should be Hinata. I am not that forceful towards my OTP. From previous post, you know that I love Legolas-Eowyn (The Lord of The Rings) and Harry-Cho (Harry Potter). None of them canon but I didn’t complain because I knew they were not meant to be in canon. I can accept Faramir-Eowyn and Harry-Ginny although a bit dissappointed.

But Naruto is a different case. NaruSaku should be canon from their developments while SasuHina is the only possible pairing for Sasuke from canon point of view.

If you still disagreed after knowing all those points, then try to read SasuHina fanfic. I was too formerly not into this pairing but after read some random SasuHina fanfics, suddenly I changed my mind! It made me crave for more and addicted to it in no time! The timid Hyuga and arrogant Uchiha create the best romance possible in Naruto!

Unlike SasuSaku who often changes Sakura into a person she is not, like an independent or harsh woman (while in canon she is meek and total submissive in front of Sasuke), Hinata is being herself most of the time in SasuHina. She DOESN’T NEED TO CHANGE to be the suitable one for Sasuke. She is true to herself and Sasuke also is true to himself (cool and arrogant) but they still work out. THIS is a relationship that I look for : sweet, makes sense and healthy where the couple can be themselves. SasuSaku can be as sweet as cherry but Sakura or Sasuke must change into another person. They can stay in fanworks actually with healthier relationship because they can’t be an example in canon. SasuKarin? Please, when Karin seduced Sasuke, it reminded me of a b*tch. And Sasuke didn’t seem to react to that sexual moves, did he? If he loved her, he would not act so passively towards her.

As his fangirl, I want Sasuke to be with a kind of yamato nadeshiko type of girl, who is modest, calm, caring, loving, cooking well, can be a good mother for his kids, and can be role model for them too. Hinata Hyuga is the only girl in Sasuke’s age that fit into those categories.


I have written my SasuHina headcanon ending here, but many fans also created their own SasuHina headcanon. Some that I love are:


1. Sweet Union

Summary : Sasuke Uchiha knows how precious his new life is. After the 4th Shinobi war, dangers still threatens his new family. Sasuke will do anything to keep Hinata and his son safe. He will protect his most cherished people from his enemies past or present.

This is one of the best current headcanons in fanfiction. NaruSaku-SasuHina happened in most current Naruto setting. Naruto was becoming Hokage, Sakura worked in the hospital, Sasuke became high ranked ANBU and Hinata was a jounin with her own team. This is like a dream come true for me! If only Kishimoto gave us this type of ending…

2. Her First

Summary : He was The Uchiha Sasuke. He was the ex-Avenger, the most feared shinobi in the great nations! He was- “Daddy, I wanna get down!” -a loving father.

This was made before the ending but still good and relevant enough to current Naruto setting. The family interaction is so sweet that it can melt you inside!

3. How To Lie Your Way To Power

Summary : After taking the position of hokage, young Naruto has been struggling for over a year. Power hungry factions grew all over Konoha and no one trusts him. To gain influence in the council, he must retake his ANBU. This is where jonin Uchiha Sasuke, a long forgotten Marriage Contract and adviser Shikamaru’s lack of imagination, stepped in to save the day.

If you want more Naruto story after ending which is full of actions, conspirations, and battle of wits, this is the story for you. It is not a typical momma soap opera like Gaiden or trash filled with copycat slash spoiled kids like Boruto Movie. It is like the real Naruto ending with IC characters and believable love story. The pairing of course SasuHina – NaruSaku but their development built from scratch, not suddenly appeared out of nowhere. This author should write Naruto 699+ not Kishi! At least this story is realistic!


I have mentioned in previous post that I love this SasuHina family, consist of one set of twins and two other siblings. One byakugan user and three sharingan users, two boys and two girls. Perfect for Uchiha’s revival!

SasuHina’s son named Daichi made by fans. He is cool and good-looking, really convinces me that he is really Sasuke’s child because he looks like him, not ugly or nerd. I have posted about a pretty SasuHina’s daughter named Mana here and they could be cute siblings. Mana can hold sharingan while Daichi holds the byakugan. Cool!

SasuHina’s family I found somewhere. They look really good. I especially love the youngest child (in the middle). He resembles Sasuke with Itachi’s hairstyle. Really good looking and much much better than Salad will ever been.

Sanada is cool. He is the perfect mix of Uchiha-Hyuuga genes with Itachi’s appearance. He must be really strong and deserves to be the next Uchiha clan head, not some copycat “daughter” wearing glasses that still has unknown ability with sharingan (also with OOC-ness potential!). Sanada even can unlock new doujutsu as the result of the combination of sharingan and byakugan.

These SasuHina’s kids are good looking, especially the girl. She is so pretty! I am sure she will be the new village heartthrob just like his father. This is what Uchiha girl should look like! I can’t understand until now why did Kishimoto draw a girl so ugly as Salad? I really doubt now that she has any connection with Sasuke. My precious baby who is said to be one of the most handsome men in Konoha and has a mother so beautiful wouldn’t ever have produced something so ugly like that! I am sure Salad is the daughter of some unknown deceased Uchiha adopted by Sasuke out of pity, then she was given to Sakura to be raised. If Sasuke is to have daughter, at least she must be pretty like this girl above!

Okay, this is for now. I may post another ones later if there are something new I want to add.

Long live SasuHina!


27 Jan 2020
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Omg you and i are so the same ! I really love the pairing of SasuHina and till now im still addicted to them
All your thoughts and reasons here are sooo alike to my opinions
I started shipping sasuhina way back 2013 to be honest i never thought of the pairing until i stumble upon of SasuHina Fanfictions that change my life completely i even build my own SasuHina page in FB and till now im still actively updating it, but what mashi did completely broke my heart ! He lost the opportunity to make a amazing couple or its just that he is a suck up writter who doesnt have any experience to make a good plot of love story, the moment i heard that Sasuke end up with Sakura that was way back 2014 where theres a war i stopped watching naruto shippuden and till now i never watched it
I been a huge fan and supporter but the pairing is just toooo awkward its like Hinata becomes a rebound cause sakura doesnt love naruto and sasuke have no option cause sakura is the only girl he is close with
This stupid pairing is the worst of all ! Those uglt babies Boruto and Sarad is so boring i could die
Masashi wants to earn more money i bet he thought about this too but afraid he wont be able to continue naruto since if Sasuke and Hinata end with their babies will be OP than Naruto and Suckura
I hope alot fans realize this point of view, sadly only counted people have brains like you
They never thought of the deeper part and how beautiful and exciting it will be
I think SasuHina would even be a better anime on their own i read alot novels and fanfics about them and everything mas just soooo interesting !
Thank you for this POV im soo happy to read and see someone have the same thoughts like me :)
SasuHina may not happened in Anime but it will always be my number 1 pairing in my heart

Sagittarius A

25 Apr 2020
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Why not keeping it in your heart then? Canon is canon. There is a category of fictional writing created for fan ships - fanfiction. This is the most ridiculous and baseless ship in Naruto fandom and here is why:
1. Total and complete lack of interaction in part 1 and 2 ( you heard me - complete and utter lack of interaction). The only interaction I EVER saw them have is in a Naruto movie called “Bonds” where he tells her to ****. And she also contributes NOTHING to the story.
2. Sasuke’s personality. They’re both “Yin” - the moon. Subtlety and quietness. Sakura and Naruto are “Yang” - the Sun. “Sakura Haruno. She dedicated her love for me. She always tries to give Spring sunshine to my darkness” (Sasuke Uchiha. Akatsuki Hiden prologue). Same with Naruto and Hinata, only Hinata is reaching out towards “the Sun of Konoha”.
3. Demons. Sasuke is engulfed in darkness and quest for revenge. During chuunin exams he is almost overcome by darkness when Sakura’s heart calms rampaging Sasuke (later, their daughter will have the same effect on him when he is about to kill one of the Shins). Hinata, similarly, knocks sense into Naruto as he is overwhelmed by Obito’s speech during the war.
4. Devotion. Both Hinata and Sakura are devoted to their men. Hinata endured Naruto’s seeming lack of interest after her confession while Sakura endured Sasuke’s hatred-engulfed state.
5. Acknowledgement. You don’t need to know every panel layout in the manga to KNOW that the only female Sasuke Uchiha has ever acknowledged to be precious to him is Sakura (Sasuke vs. Gaara fight). Like it or not but by the time he leaves the village, Sakura has slowly crawled her way to the corner of his heart that he so desperately wanted to close off. She is considered by him as “precious nakama”. All the future interactions (team Taka) are built based on his memory of Team 7. Naruto acknowledges Hinata pretty early on too.
6. Symbolism: Sakura’s tears bring Sasuke back to life during Zabuza arc. Sakura being beat up by sound ninja in the forest of death invoke Sasuke’s wrath, Sasuke and Sakura have the most intense eye contact (eye smex) in the entire series, Sakura is the only female in the series (aside from his mother) who he is comfortable with.
7. “Hurt” If you bring up the point of him trying to hurt her deliberately - you indeed are making an excellent point (almost, and here’s why) Now remember who were the people he aimed at hurting most deliberately: Itachi, Naruto, Sakura. Naruto and Sakura are the ones who stand between him and ultimate darkness. No matter how hard he tries - he is unable to sever bonds with them. His messed up mind goes as far as want to eliminate them completely just to sever those bonds. “You’re annoying” because the place you burned in my heart CANNOT be replaced by anyone else, try as I might - I cannot did myself of you.
8. Sakura is the ONE female Sasuke is genuinely grateful to, and the one he sincerely (!) apologizes to.
9. Finally, a little quote from Sasuke Retsuden by Jun Esaka/Masashi Kishimoto: “Sakura would be my wife and irreplaceable partner. That aspect would never change”.
Just one final thing (and yes, he is blushing at team intro meeting with Kakashi when Sakura voices her “goal”)


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