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15 Nov 2002
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Originally posted by Mr. Manji
How do you find this stuff?

You are the god of the humour section!!!
🙂 🙂

I basically have not made it a secret that I know nothing, and any apparent knowledge you think I have is merely an illusion or delusion on your part...

Since I've been affected by reading too many adjectival passages of the late HP Lovecraft and the other writers of that pantheon, such as Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert Bloch, August Derleth, Brian Lumley among others, I can safely say that after treading one too many paths along the plateau of Leng and through the mountains of madness, the most deadly of deities is the one of humour, since it requires some form of thinking process to understand what is funny...

also brings to mind the book by Umberto Eco on The Name of the Rose, where the blind madman found humour to be a sin and thus created havoc in the abbey that ended up destroying a large portion of what was plundered from the libraries of Alexandria, perhaps the greatest resource of all knowledge at the time before it, too, burned....great runon sentence, eh? :D

humour is truly in the eye or mind of the beholder....different customs, cultures and traditions find different things humourous or not :D
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