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samuraitora kyosai


29 May 2002

hajimemashite. dozou yoroshiku.
watashi no namae wa John desu.
nippon, nippon no mono to nihongo ga daisuki desu yo. 😍

I am still learning Japanese and would love a conversational partner. I have been looking for someone to practice with so I don't loose what I have learned and learn more.
Something Thomas, or maybe someone, could do is have a Japanese string or forum...right Thomas? It could be fun and educational...maybe!?!?!?

I am 6 feet tall and 200 pounds with blond hair and green eyes.
Just thought I would put that in there for fun.

as if you couldn't tell, I love the little smileys.

ja mata atode.

(\ /)
Hi John, and welcome to the board!

Hehe, these smilies are addictive, I am trying very hard not to use them so often. [Smilie deleted]

Oh, btw, Detroit is one of the few U.S cities I've visited (we had distant relatives in Dearborn).
[Smilie deleted]

As for the J-strings: please feel free to post anything nihongo in our Nihongo Forum. If Moyashi agrees we can also set up a sub forum (or even a seperate forum) exclusively devoted to posts in Japanese.

Kochira koso.
HI and welcome aboard!

Yeah, I have been playing with the idea and off of the same thing. I think I even mentioned it in the nihongo faq corner. or where ever.

If there was such a corner I could con more of my students to stop by. They go scared by all the English that is being used.

lololo ... I'll have you all speaking gutter mouthed and yakuza ready!!!

Welcome John

I agree with an idea for a purely Japanese )sub( forum. It would enable me to practise my "Japarise" and have everyone poke fun at me (and hopefully correct me too). Would really help some of us out, I'm sure
[smilie deleted]
I am going to start one in the Nihongo Lounge...just need a topic.
[smilie deleted]
any ideas???[smilie deleted]
[smilie deleted]

We'll probably set up such a forum tomorrow, I'm just waiting for Moyashi's feedback, as he will have to be in charge over there.
hi and welcome john, thankyou kindly for my birthday greeting, although I dont speak japanese I beleive its a great idea and it could give us all a challenge:clap:
hi jhon yeah me too nihon daisuki desu kedo watasi ga nihongo sukushi dake hanashi dekemasuyo, so im new in this forum thats why im a little confuse in this i dont know how to post a thread where i can ask something and i dont know where can i find their reply..
Talking to a ghost ?

John/samuraitora has not been on for almost a year. Just take your time and read the Forum and you will get the hang of posting here;don't be afraid to use the search feature to find answers. The information on JREF goes back several years and many subjects have been covered or answered.

Uncle Frank

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