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28 Aug 2003
hi since the late 80's i have been intrigued by the samurai and i am currently searching fro items from this area.I have managed to get a sword and screen but i am also looking for the scrolls and the history on this.I will lookforward to hearing and responding to all of the sugestions in this.
i understand that the export of japanese swords (from the edojidai or earlier) is strictly forbidden- should you be able to smuggle a few out i willl take one off of you though j/k...(probably this topic should be moved..)
The V&A Museum in London has an exquisite collection of samurai stuff. If you were quick enough to break the glass and put on the armour, you could easily fight off the security and get chased through the streets of London. You would be unstoppable and a very noticeable beggar!
You cant export the swords, but what about the older adults that make me?
Let grab one off the streets of Kyoto or DokoDemo and take one home with us!

"Here is your molten steel! Now make me a sword!"

I saw a really cheap American ninja film recently. It had an old bloke who made swords.

Also had a magnificent scene on the Shinkansen (maybe a 'hidari' didn't pay that much attention), but like these ninjas killed everyone, sadly though the film was terrible and was another piece of American trash that does more damage to other cultures than bridge cultural divides,
(apart from the scene where the americanjin goes 'Moshi Moshi to a little girl when he is looking for a phone, in a pachinko house getting followed by a ninja wearing a trench coat to hide his ninja clothes. that was spot on)

If you ever go to Japan, you will turn around and see ninjas staring at you.
hi all the screen i got is a paper one which is the back drop for my temple to sit in.my sword is a replica i got of e-bay.thanks for the messages so far.
You can export real Japanese swords, as long as they are "new." I don't know the time frame for what is new. Also, you can export some antiques. Both require special documentation and paperwork. There are dealers that work over the net, but they are few and far between.

However, the real article made by a real smith will start at around 5,000 plus USD. Start saving your cash!

Those things you find in tourist shops in Japan are not real swords (they are replicas) and as such can be taken home with you. Not in carry-on bags, if you please.

A good place to go for lots of info. on swords, esp. Japanese swords is

Sword Forum International

They have people who can handle all your questions.
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